Mrs. Madlener, Spring, 2002, Syllabus (Wed.)

Tests and Papers Due

Wed., Jan 30

Class Activity

Introduction to Course

Assign Objective Paper

Discuss writing for an audience from "Mother Tongue."

Review Thesis Statement

Review Nouns

Group Work, identifying nouns

Prentice Hall Assignments

Part 1, "The Writing Process," pp. 2-39. Do all exercises.

Nouns, p. 321 - 324 (Ch. 26)

Writing Assignments

Objective Paper

Bedford Assignments

"Mother Tongue," p. 495-500.

"Quoting, Paraphrasing, Nutshelling," pp. 727-730

Wed., Feb. 6

Prentice Hall: all exercises from 2 -39.

Objective paper

Abstract Nouns practice

Review Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns

Pronouns, p. 323-324.

Memorize indefinite pronouns, p. 323.

-Amy Tan Paper: Practicing paraphrasing, quoting, & nutshelling skills. Read "Writing from Observation," pp.33-36, "The Shock of Teapots."
Wed., Feb. 13

Quiz: Identifying nouns and pronouns.

Amy Tan Paper

-Group work: Share Thesis Statements and identifying figurative language.

-Abstract nouns.

-Brainstorm for Observation Paper.

Paper; review Assignment Sheet for Observation Paper.

Using strong verbs

"Capitals," p. 445-450, ex., 40.1

"The Apostrophe," p. 450-452, ex. 41.1.

Ch. 6, "Writing Paragraphs," p. 73 -80. Do all exercises except "In your own words" on p. 80.

Observation Paper

Begin "Anger & Me" observations on note cards.

Read: "Strategies for Planning," pp. 375-391.

Read: "Strategies for Drafting," pp. 392-410.

P. 46-47, do ex. 2

Wed., Feb. 20

Observation Paper: Hand in title page, thesis statement, and two drafts.

Review "the Process of Writing" & "Strategies"

Peer Review using the editing check list plus p. 46, Bedford, "For Peer Response."

Computer Lab: Bring hard copy and disk.

Prepositions, p. 326.

Subordinate Conjunctions and Conjunctive Adverbs, Ch. 26, p. 326-328.

Tests and Papers Due

Wed., Feb., 27

Final draft of Observation Paper due.

Class Activity

Review: Prepositions & prep. phrases; subordinate conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs.

Discuss "Compare & Contrast"

Review Compare and Contrast assignment sheet.

Prentice Hall Assignments

Verbs. Do all exercises. p. 357-366

Writing Assignments

Compare/contrast Paper: "Anger and Me."

Bedford Assignments

P. 426-428

p. 159-162, "Comparing and Contrasting.

pp. 36-38 "Footprints: the Mark of our Passing."

Wed., March 6

Draft of "Anger & Me" paper due.

Quiz: prepositions, subordinate conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs.

Review Verbs

Practice Conjugation

Review Verb exercises

Computer Lab: Writing the introductory paragraph. Bring hard copy and disk of "Anger & Me."

The Writing Process, pp. 39-51. Do all exercises.
Wed., March 13

Compare/Contrast (Anger and Me) Paper due

Quiz: Verb identification

Quiz: Conjugation of verbs

Discuss sentence completion.

Discuss "Cause and Effect."

Finding a topic.

Working research question: Cause and Effect/ Effect and Cause.
Wed., March 20

"Cause and Effect,"

research question due.

Library Tour: Locating sources.

Tests and Papers Due

Wed., March 27

Spring break, no class.

Class Activity Prentice Hall Assignments

"Sentence Fragments,"And Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences," p. 187- 198, ex. 12.2, ex.13.1 (sentence practice), ex. 198.

"Agreement," p.201 - 213, ex.14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4. Ch. 17. "Misplaced Modifiers" p. 228-234, ex. 17.8.

Ch. 18. "Dangling Modifiers," pp. 255 - 242, ex 18. , 18.2, 18.5 Paragraph Practice

Writing Assignments Bedford Assignments

Chapters 27, 28, 29

Wed., April 3

-One Source for Cause and Effect Topic

-Cause and Effect Thesis Statement

Discuss Thesis Statement

Discuss nutshelling, plagiarism, quotations.

Review grammar homework.

Ch. 19. "Omissions: Incomplete and Illogical Comparisons, p. 242-253. Hand out: Preparing to Write a Research Paper.
Wed., April 10

-Cause and Effect Paper due

Punctuation Pointers.

Expanding "Cause & Effect" into a research paper.

Review Research Paper assignment sheet.

Ch. 20. "Mixed or Confused Sentences," p. 247 - 253.
Wed., April 17

-Preliminary Research Question Due

-"Preparing to Write a Research Paper" hand-out due

Practice "Works Cited" page.

Practice "Works Cited in Text."

Peer Review: Preliminary Research Question.

Ch. 16. "Shifts," p. 221-228.
Wed., April 24

Final research thesis due


Conferences: Bring original research questions, thesis statement, outline, note cards, works cited page, title page, first and second draft of paper.

Punctuation: p. 395, 398-416, 433-439, 442-444, p.461-462.
Wed., May 1


Conferences: Bring original research questions, thesis statement, outline, note cards, works cited page, title page, first and second draft of paper.

Wed., May 15

Final Exam

Final Research Paper due.


Notes: Grammar homework will be reviewed as time permits. Keep up with assignments. If you have a question while doing your homework, please jot it down and ask your question(s) at the next class meeting.

Bring original objective paper to exam.


You are responsible for writing grammatically correct papers. Keeping up with your grammar assignments as well as learning the principles associated with each assignment will assist you in meeting your objective of writing grammatically correct essays.


College is a major financial investment that, for the most part, is made by your and for you. An education is an investment of your time and your energy. Keep up with the requirements of this class to ensure that your college years result in an education.

Review grammar homework.

Discuss Cause and Effect

Finding a topic

Review "Works Cited" and "Works Cited in Text."

Review Assignment Sheet.

Ch. 28. Evaluating Sources and Taking Notes," p. 717-731.
Library tour. Working research question for Cause and Effect essay. Avoiding Plagiarism,"

"Quoting, Paraphrasing, Nutshelling," pp. 727-730.

Tues., April 2

Discuss Thesis Statement

Peer review.

Discuss nutshelling, plagiarism, quotations.

Review grammar assignments

Thurs., April 4

Review grammar homework.

Practice editing out sentence errors.

Tues.,April 9

Cause and Effect Paper due.

Punctuation Pointers.

Expanding "Cause & Effect" into a research paper.

Preparing to Write a Research Paper (Handout) Chapter 27 & 29
Thurs., April 11 Research Paper Assignment Sheet

Review Works cited.

Tues., April 16

Practice "Works Cited" page

Practice "Works Cited in Text" Page

Thurs., April 18

Peer Review: Preliminary Research Question
Tues., April 23 Conferences: Bring original research questions, thesis statement, outline, note cards, works cited page, title page, first and second draft of paper.
Thurs., April 25
Tues., April 30 Conferences: Final Paper
Thurs., May 2 Conferences: Final Paper
Tues., May 7 Final Exam (7:30 PM class)

8:00 PM

Thurs., May 9 Final Exam (6 PM class)

6:00 PM

Tues., May 14

Final Exam

Thurs., May 16

Final Exam