Instructor: Mrs. Madlener Office:_________Hours:_______Phone: 301-963-7963

Classtimes: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00 – 7:15 and 7:30 – 8:45, room 3092.

Wednesday, 4:30 – 7:15, room 3089

Textbooks: Handbook for Writers, The Bedford Guide for College Writers, a good dictionary.

Materials: You must have a computer or access to a computer for this class. Also, please bring a notebook dedicated to English 101 and a pen. All work must be in ink, typed, or printed from a computer.

Welcome to English 101. Let’s make this class the opportunity of a lifetime!

OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course, students will

-be able to write and develop a thesis statement

-be able to formulate and expand ideas as required in written assignments

-be able to organize and present information in a logical, well-ordered manner as required in specific assignments.

-have an acquaintance with research methodology including the MLA style of documentation.

-understand the components of standard English sentences to the extent of being able to write complete, clear and informative sentences.

-be experienced in editing his or her own work

-be comfortable with peer review

-be comfortable writing extemporaneously.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to participate in class, complete all homework and in-class assignments, take all quizzes, and hand in all essays when they are due. Major writing assignments include:

  1. Objective Paper.

2. Observation Paper.

3. Compare and Contrast Paper.

4. Cause and Effect Paper.

5. Research Paper.

Please note: Late papers will not be accepted without special arrangements with me. You must be in class the day a paper is due whether or not you are ready to turn in your paper. Points will be deducted from your paper for each class period missed on or after the due date of a paper.

No research paper will be accepted after the due date no matter the excuse. Failure to turn in a research paper on time will result in an "F" for the class.

GRADES. To receive a passing grade (D), you must turn in all essays, the research paper, and the final exam and must average at least a D on this work and may not miss more than three classes. Three tardies will count as one absence.

To receive a grade of B or above, you must turn in all written assignments on time, including homework, essays, the research paper, and the final exam, miss no more than three classes with no more than three excused tardies, and receive an average grade of B or above on all graded work.

Plagiarism in any paper will result in a failing grade for the course. More than three absences from class can result in a failing grade. Tardies will seriously affect your grade.

Final grades will be based on

-attendance and classroom participation, including quizzes (10% of final grade)

-the average grade of the essays (40% of the final grade.)

-the grade on the research paper (40% of the final grade)

-the grade on the final exam (10% of the final grade)


Tardiness: Late students disrupt the class. If you are tardy to class, leave a written excuse on my desk to avoid further disruption. Except in extreme circumstances, you will not be permitted to make up any work, including quizzes and in-class writing assignments that you miss due to tardiness. Also, you will be expected to pick up any necessary information or explanations of assignments on your own, outside of class time. Students are permitted only three tardies without penalty.

Phone Calls: Phone Calls are not permitted during class.

Absence: You are urged not to miss this class for any reason whatsoever. You are permitted to make up missed work and to receive an abbreviated version of the instruction once, i. e., you cannot miss class more than once without penalty. If you are absent more than once, you will need to meet with the instructor. Students missing more than three classes risk failing the course.

Behavior: All students are expected to behave as adults in an academic environment. Inappropriate classroom behavior will result in dismissal from class and the student will be given a formal notice of misconduct. Students will be assigned seats at my discretion.

Tape recorders are permitted in class. Food is not, once class begins.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is a very intensive course. It requires your committing several hours a day to studying and writing. It requires your having access to a computer with a word processing program.

To do well on your assignments, you must block out several hours together every week. Be sure that your work schedule or academic courses permit you to devote the time necessary for this class. Once you decide that you can handle the load, make the commitment to do well in this class.

If you find yourself floundering in your writing assignments or grammar comprehension, there is a lot of help available for you at PGCC.