Project Four

Write a 5 page Research paper on one of the topics provided.


  1. Must cite at least two sources,
  2. A copy of any source that you cite, (If a book at least 5 pages.)
  3. A bibliography,
  4. One inch margins top, bottom, left, and right.
  5. Double-spaced.
  6. 12 point font
  7. Arial font or times new roman
  8. Glossary (that explains all technical jargon in simple terms)
  9. Footnotes


Additional but very important considerations.

Please be aware that I expect a well-written research paper. Please check your paper for grammatical and spelling errors. I expect a paper that has an introduction (that introduces your subject), a body (that explains your subject), and a conclusion (that summarizes your entire paper). I also expect a paper that is written in your own words, and is written to the appropriate audience.

Your audience for this paper are computer literate, however not nearly as you. This means you should phase your paper so anyone could understand it. If you use technical jargon throughout your paper please be sure to have simple explanations for it in the glossary.

If you need assistance in writing a paper please make an appointment at the Writing Center Located in Accokeek Hall.

Project Format

Please place your paper in a standard 9 inch by 12 inch pocket folder. Attach an external diskette label in the upper right hand corner of the folder. On the label print (Clearly);

  1. Last Name, First Name
  2. CIS-170
  3. The night of your class

Research Paper Grading Criteria

Missing or incorrect Folder type.


Missing Diskette Label


Labeled Improperly


Missing some other requirement

10% to 25%

Failure to explain to translate technical jargon into simple terms

10% to 25%


10% to 50%