Project Two

This project can only be done properly if you have completed Project One. If you have not completed Project One go back and complete it, then do this project.

Phase One

Use the DOS Text Editor (Edit) to create 3 text files. Give the text files any file name you wish, however all 3 text files must have a .two as the file extension. Enter whatever the name of your major is as contents for the 3 text files. Save these files in the PROJ2 subdirectory of your diskette.

Phase Two

Create a subdirectory named WATER within the PROJ2 subdirectory.

Phase Three

Create a batch file named Proj2.bat using the DOS Text Editor (Edit). Save the batch file in your PROJ2 subdirectory on your diskette.

Place the following commands at the top of your batch file:

@echo off

Rem Author Your Name


Rem Class meeting night


Create DOS commands that will accomplish the below 5 tasks and place them within your batch file. This means that you must create DOS commands that will accomplish the below 5 tasks and place the DOS commands within the contents of the batch file. The DOS commands must be within your batch file. Do not hand in a Proj2.bat file with only the Rem statements within it.

  1. Display the contents of the PROJ2 subdirectory
  2. Copy any files within the PROJ2 subdirectory that end with a .two extention to the WATER subdirectory, that you created in phase two.
  3. Verify that the files that you just copied are indeed within the WATER subdirectory, by displaying it's contents.
  4. Remove any files within the PROJ2 subdirectory that end with a .two extention.
  5. Verify that the files have indeed been removed from the PROJ2 subdirectory, by displaying it's contents.

Phase Four

Test your batch file by executing it. If you receive any error messages while testing, this is an indication that there is something wrong with the DOS commands that you created and placed within the batch file. Edit the batch file to fix the command (or commands) and retest it. Continue this process (testing and fixing) until your batch file will execute without error messages.

Note: 1

Please remember that the first time you run your batch (if you have created and placed the proper DOS commands within in it) the .two files will no longer be within the Proj2 subdirectory. This means that you will need to copy them back to the Proj2 subdirectory if you wish to execute the batch file again.

Note: 2

Please refer to your syllabus prior to turning in your project.