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CIS 170 - Operating Systems

In Class MS-DOS Prompt Exercises

Professor. Edward F. Bouling, IV

This exercise will give you a little more practice with file creation and manipulation. Commands used include:

COPY CON, DIR, TYPE, COPY, SORT, DEL, PRN and redirection using < and >

1. On your  diskette, create the following text file using the COPY CON command:


then Dear Staff:

Just a reminder that the next meeting will be held on September 24,

at 9:00am.


Coffee and Doughnuts


Sick Leave Policy

Upcoming Six-month Review

New Business

Thank you,

(insert your name here)

Press and hold down the (CTRL) key on your keyboard, press the Z key on your keyboard once

then ENTER

2. What command would you use to see if it is there?

    Do it.

3. What command would you use to display its (Sample.doc) contents?

    Do it.

4. What command would you use to make a copy of the file?

    Do it. Make the copy SAMPLE2.DOC

5. What command would you use to check the directory to see if both files are there?

    Do it.

6. What command would you use to clear your screen?

    Do it.

7. What command would you use to display the file SAMPLE2.DOC on the screen.

Send this file to the printer by pressing SHIFT and PRINT SCREEN

5. Sort the copy of the file:


Display SAMPLE3.DOC on the screen to be sure it was sorted

6. Redirect the contents of the SAMPLE3.DOC file into SAMPLE4.DOC.

7. Print SAMPLE4.DOC by one of two methods -
        1) redirect a TYPE command to the printer by using device name PRN or,
        2) use the PRINT command to print the file.


Make a copy for your self and a copy to give me.