These ten steps come from Winning at Math by Paul Nolting.

Whenever you take a test, try to follow the following sequence of procedures:

1.    Memory Data Dump:        Write down information you may forget - formulas, dates, places, etc.

2.    Preview Test:            Write your name on the test and review the entire test.

3.    Second Memory Data Dump:    Write down additional important information you may forget.

4.    Test Progress Schedule:        Decide the best way to get the most points in the least time.

5.    Answer Easy Questions:        First, answer the easiest questions with the most points.

6.    Skip Difficult Answers:        Read each question twice and set a time limit for solving it - or skip it.

7.    Review Skipped Questions:    Recall related information about each question

8.    Guess at Remaining Answers:    Do not leave a question blank.

9.    Review Entire Test:        Look for mis_read directions and careless errors.

10.    Use All Of Your Test Time:    To stop early can mean lost points on your test.