You are now reading one page in this Student Guide.  

On each page you will find a page title above this window, and page information inside this window.  If there is more information than can be displayed on the screen at one time, then there will be a scroll bar along the right side.  You can click the down and up arrows to scroll through the information.  You can also click and drag the slider inside the scroll bar.  Try it!

Above this window is a map of the entire Student Guide.  Each page is represented in the map by a small rectangle.  The page you are presently reading is highlighted and outlined.  As you move from page to page, the highlighting will move too, so you can always identify where you are in the Guide.  If you move the mouse pointer over any page in the map, the title of that page will be displayed.  If you click on a page in the map, then the contents of this window will change to the contents of the page you clicked.  First notice where this page is in the map!  Then, try moving to another page.   Be sure to return to this page and keep reading.

The map shows that the pages of this Guide are organized into sequences, represented by horizontal bars.  These sequences are linked together.  The linkages are represented by vertical or diagonal lines that connect sequences.  The first page in this Student Guide is labeled with my name and appears at the top left corner of the map.  The linkages flow top to bottom and left to right.  The last page in the Student Guide is labeled Web Links and appears on the extreme right side of the map.

Below this window is a set of navigation arrowheads.  Different types of arrowheads will appear here, depending on where you are in the Guide.  Clicking a right or left arrowhead lets you move forward or back through the pages in one sequence.  Clicking an up and down arrowhead lets follow a link from one sequence of pages to another.

All of the pages in this Student Guide are listed in the Table of Contents page.  If you can click on any page or sequence title in the Table of Contents, the contents of this window will change to the contents of the page you clicked.

To the left of this window on most pages, below the graphic, is a list of the pages in the current sequence.  If the entire page list does not fit on the screen, then there is a scroll bar so that you can scroll through the list.  If you click on any page title in the list, the contents of this window will change to the contents of the page you clicked.  Try it!  (And then return to this page.)

Remeber where this page is, so you can return to it later to review these instructions whenever you need to.  If you are reading this for the first time, then follow the Quick Orientation Tour to get an overview of the sequences that make up this Student Guide.

If you have an questions, suggestions, corrections, or comments, feel free to send me Email.  Just return to the first page and click my picture.