Some students try to hide their problems from their teachers. Sometimes they are embarrassed to admit when they are having difficulty. Other times they are afraid that if the teacher knows about a problem, (s)he will hold it against them when it comes time to assign grades. In reality, most teachers react very positively to students who come to them with problems. I am interested in helping students learn and succeed in college. I find it very fulfilling to assist a student who is reaching out for help and support.

I want to extend an open invitation for you to come see me during the semester so that we can discuss your experiences, feelings, and any difficulties you may have concerning mathematics in general, your college education, or this course in particular. Please do not hesitate to stop by for a visit any time I am in my Marlboro 3047 office. You may either come see me during office hours, or make a specific appointment. I look forward to getting to know you better, and if you are having difficulties, I will try to be helpful.