If you think for a moment about the kinds of activities which take place in traditional classrooms, it is easy to understand why people with learning disabilities often have great difficulty in school. While there is no simple solution to the problem of learning disabilities, the situation is far from hopeless. If you suspect that you may have a learning disability, the first step is to determine the nature of your learning difficulty. We have Learning Specialists on campus who can help you do this. The Learning Specialist can then recommend ways to help you become a more successful student.

You can request an appointment with a Learning Specialist by contacting the Student Development Services Office. Call 301-322-0886 or stop by Marlboro 2102. You can also ask for information concerning a special Student Support Services (SSS) program. SSS offers its own tutoring and learning specialist services for qualified students. If you come see me, I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.