Students are described as learning disabled when they are of normal or high intelligence, but do not achieve at their expected levels in school. Albert Einstein was an extreme example of a learning disabled student. Although he possessed rare genius, Einstein found both writing and speaking difficult. Einstein rarely thought in words, and had difficulty in school because he did not learn in traditional ways. In order to succeed, Einstein learned to acquire and express information in different, non-traditional ways.

We suspect that a significant number of the students who come to Prince George's Community College, suffer from some form of learning disability. Some of the more common learning problems students have include:
   Severe difficulty reading (dyslexia)
   Severe difficulty with mathematics (dyscalculia).
   Severe difficulty with handwriting (dysgraphia).
   Severe difficulty listening.
   Severe difficulty remembering.
   Severe difficulty paying attention.
   Severe difficulty with sequential structures, patterns, and processes.