Important Things to Remember About Study Groups:
   Everyone participates.
   Everyone learns and understands.
   A study group is not the same as a tutoring session in which only one person acts as the teacher.
   For graded individual homework assignments, each person should write her or his own solution to each problem, doing each step themselves. It is good to get help from the group in order to better understand a problem, but if you simply copy another student's work then you will not learn and retain the necessary mathematics.
   For group assignments, all group members must learn and understand all the parts of each assignment. If you divide up the work, then it is essential that you meet together as a group to put all the pieces together into one group solution. Each student should explain his or her piece of the solution to the rest of the group.
   If everybody in your group is confused by a particular concept or problem then get help from a teacher or a tutor, and be sure to ask questions about it during class.