Besides working on homework problems, here are some other activities for study groups:
   Practice teaching each other. Teaching is a great way to learn something. When you teach something, you naturally take on a teacher's attitude of: "I know this, but I still have to learn this." Also, the verbalization involved in teaching further reinforces your memory.
   Compare class notes and book notes to make sure you all heard and read the same things, and that you all recorded the important information. Ask other students about material in your notes which is confusing, and help each other complete the written descriptions and interpretations which are required in your 2-column format class notes and book notes.
   Test each other by asking questions. Each group member can agree to bring four or five test questions to each meeting. Then you can all take the test made from these questions.
   Set aside five or ten minutes to conduct a group brain storm of possible test questions. You can add these to the test questions contributed by each group member and keep a list of them in your notebook.