Here are some very important guidelines you should follow in order to make your study group an effective one:
   Try to limit your group to no more than four members.
   Look for dedicated students to join your group.
   Try to find people who share some of your academic goals.
   Enlist people who ask questions, are alert, and take notes during class.
   It is essential that all members of the study group can meet together at a convenient time and place.
   If possible, try to meet in a room with a chalk board. There are many empty classrooms on campus between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m..
   Each time the group meets, a different person should be designated as the leader. This helps to assure that each student has an opportunity to speak.
   Each person in the group is responsible for the knowledge and understanding of each problem. One of the main purposes for the study group is to give each student the opportunity to verbalize mathematical information each time the group meets.
   Make a special section in your notebook for Tutoring and Group Work. Keep notes and other materials from each study group session in this section of your notebook.
   The general purposes of the study group are:
   To give students the opportunity to explain problems they have done for homework to other students who have done the same assignment.
   To find out before a quiz or exam where the misunderstandings are.
   To save time in doing math assignments. In working together, more math can be accomplished in less time