Subsequent studies and projects have shown that when students work together in very intense and cooperative groups, they tend to be much more successful than when they rely solely on their individual efforts. Cooperative study groups benefit all types of students; not just minority students.
   Group study takes away that feeling of isolation which is often associated with doing math.
   Students come away from math class with different interpretations of the concepts. In sharing these ideas, the real meaning of the concept is made much clearer.
   An assignment that takes an individual student two hours to do can often be completed in much less time by working with others.
   It is very common for math students to feel they did all the homework and still failed the test! After completing an assignment alone, a student often feels that (s)he understands it. Group study gives each student the opportunity to verbalize and further clarify the concepts. An important step in learning and retaining information is to explain it to someone else. The ability to explain is also an important test of understanding.