There will be four unit tests, one approximately every three weeks of class. Each test will carry a weight of 15% in your final grade for the course. The four tests together will determine 60% of your final grade. See Weekly Activities in Blackboard for the tentative testing schedule.

Tests will be given outside of class time in the Bladen Assessment Center. Typically you will be given from Tuesday through the end of the day on Thursday to take each test.  It is your responsibility to read specific information about the Bladen Assessment Center in Blackboard, but generally, it is open during daytime hours on Monday through Saturday, with additional evening hours on Monday through Thursday.
   Tests will emphasize material studied since the last test, but will also contain review questions on material studied earlier. Most if not all will be pencil and paper tests.  
   If for reasons beyond your control, you are unable to take a test before the end of the last day it is available in the Assessment Center, then you must make arrangements with me in order to take the test later. In any case, I will not offer any make-up tests after I have graded and returned the exam.
   If you do not take a test, then you will earn a score of zero (0)!  Remember: No matter how unprepared you may feel for a test, it is impossible to get a score lower than zero.
   If you are involved in cheating on a test you will earn a score of zero (0)!
   Always show all of your work for each problem. A correct answer with no supporting work will seldom receive full credit.