Some students find it difficult to read a mathematics textbook. Some other students just don't like to read mathematics books. (Although my own book has many pages, I have tried very hard to make is both readable and interesting.) The EDUCO Learning System provides a special feature called the electronic tutorial that has been developed to further help students read the textbook. Electronic tutorials present text material in sequences of short sections, using both color and animation. In addition, each textbook example is presented in a special free response format, that enables the reader to:
  • attempt to solve the example and enter an answer on the computer;
  • receive immediate feedback telling whether or not the answer is correct;
  • hints and full step-by-step solutions when needed; and
  • the opportunity to practice additional problems that are similar the original example.

Research shows that students who spend more time studying tutorials tend to earn higher grades in their mathematics courses. Since I want each of you to earn a high grade in this course, I require that you spend a minimum of 3 hours each week studying the electronic tutorials. The EDUCO Learning System can produce a report that shows how much time each student has spent studying tutorials. I will use this report as the basis of a weekly tutorial grade. If the report shows that you studied tutorials for at least 3 hours during the week, then your tutorial grade for that week will be 100%! Otherwise, your tutorial grade will reflect what percent of the 3 hour minimum you completed. For instance, if you study tutorials for 1.5 hours one week, then your tutorial grade for that week will be 50%.

Since the EDUCO Learning System is internet-based, you can use it almost anywhere that you have access to a computer and the internet:
   On campus
   At home
   At work

There one provision concerning the use of EDUCO when you are off-campus: You must have permission to install a collection of EDUCO utilities from your CD-ROM on the workstation you intend to use. Without these utilities, you cannot complete tutorials, assignments, or quizzes.

CAUTION: Never attempt to install EDUCO utilities in an on-campus classroom or lab. They are already installed, and your attempt to re-install them can make your workstation inoperable!