It is my own personal belief that through the appropriate use of technology, I am a more effective teacher, and this helps my students learn more and learn better. We will be using calculators and computers throughout the semester. In addition to using technology in my own mathematics teaching, I also work with other faculty at PGCC to encourage and support their effective use of computers and other technology in their teaching.

Since 1996, I have also been working with Clark Atlanta University to help develop and implement a series of courses which take advantage of the power of technology to improve mathematics instruction and learning. These materials are distributed by a company named EDUCO, International, and include textbooks, electronic tutorials and lecture notes, in addition to on-line testing. EDUCO materials are used in selected sections of DVM 003, DVM 007, MAT 104, MAT 134, MAT 135, MAT 136, MAT 241, and MAT 242.  

Since 1999, I have been writing and directing projects for the college that are funded by the Department of Education Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP). These grants have provided valuable resources that have enabled the mathematics department to be among the most technilogically advanced in this college. MSEIP funds have already helped us create our two computer classrooms (M-3113 and M-3119), as well as to install instructor computer workstations in most of our classrooms. In spring 2005, we plan to open a new Mathematics Learning Center named the Pi-Shop. This center will located in Marlboro 3098-3104-3106, and it provide an open computer lab with 65 workstations, walk-in mathematics tutoring, and group study rooms. In the future, mathematics recitation sessions will be also be scheduled to meet in the Pi-Shop.

In 2003 EDUCO published the first edition of Intermediate Algebra: A Modern Approach, of which I am the principal author.  I use this text when I teach MAT 104. Just in case you are concerned that I have a conflict of interest, EDUCO materials tend to be the least expensive of those we use in this department, and I donate back to the college, any royalties I earn from sales to PGCC students.