Years ago, when I was an undergraduate student, I did not know my instructors very well, and they did not know me very well either. Now that I am a teacher, I enjoy getting to know my students as well as I can. Likewise, it is important that you get to know me too. Many of the orientation activities which we do during the first few weeks of class are designed to help us get acquainted. We will be seeing a lot of each other during the next 15 weeks, and it will help us both if you understand what I expect of you and why.

I find that many students are a little hesitant to call or visit their instructors, even when they need help desperately! I have prepared the following brief biographical sketch to help you get to know me better. My goal is to you help you feel comfortable enough so that you will not hesitate to come see me, call me, or send me Email whenever you need my help.