Welcome to Prince George's Community College! My name is Eldon Baldwin, and I teach mathematics. I have prepared these web pages as a Student Guide to help my students (and others) learn as quickly and easily as possible what they must know and do in order to become successful college mathematics students. In these pages you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions:
   Who is my instructor?
   Where is his office?
   What is the text for this course?
   How do I earn my grade?
You will find the answers to these questions and many more in the pages which follow.  In addition to this Student Guide, however, you will find other important course information and activities presented and described in a special Internet Blackboard Page (pgcconline.blackboard.com) for your course. We will also be using two other web sites to help you learn mathematics: The EDUCO Learning System (www.educo-int.com) and Gizmos (www.ExploreLearning.com)

After you finish reading the rest of this document, please browse through the rest of the Guide by clicking on any of the hypertext links in the Table of Contents, which you can see in the frame on the left. It is not necessary to read everything today. Try to get a general feeling for the types of information contained in this guide and then come back to get more details later. Please also feel free to print pages from this guide which you need in hard copy form, but please don't waste paper. Similarly, be sure to review the course Blackboard page.  Both this Student Guide and each web site will normally be available 24/7 all semester long where you can refer to it frequently!