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Software needed for Online Courses

You must be connected to the internet. Your browser must be:

* Netscape Communicator Version 4.x OR
* Internet Explorer Version 4.x

You need to have the following personal productivity software installed on your computer:

* Office 2000, especially WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint.  You will need WORD to download handouts, homework assignments, and tutorials that I post.  Additionally,  you will use WORD to type documents that you will submit to me.  You may need PowerPoint to view the PowerPoint presentations at the site for your textbook.  You will not create any required PowerPoint presentations.

There are viewers for word and powerpoint available for download free at the Microsoft site (www.microsoft.com).

Some of the activities may require you to have Adobe Reader available. The Reader is also a free download at www.adobe.com.

Some other free downloads such as Shockwave may also be needed for some activities. Be sure you work at a computer that has all of these or allows the download.