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Before we get started, let me dispel some common misconceptions about this course:
(These are borrowed from Dr. Chris Sax, University of Maryland University College).

1. Web classes are easy.
No. In fact, many students say that Web classes are harder than traditional face-to-face classes. You must do much of the learning yourself. The teacher cannot see you and therefore cannot see when you misunderstand something.

2. Work for web classes can be done at my own pace.
-No. Web courses are not correspondence-type, self-paced classes - there is a definite schedule and there are due dates. You can work at whatever time of day you prefer and at whatever time fits your schedule but the courses require you to check into the course area several times a week and you must meet all deadlines in the syllabus.

3. Since this is a web class it won't take much time.
-No. For a traditional face-to-face 3 credit college course you should expect to spend 3 hours in lecture per week, and then 3-6 hours outside of class reading, studying, and doing assignments. That adds up to 6-9 hours per week for a 3 credit course taught in a traditional classroom. A 3 credit online course entails the same amount of work and the same amount of time. Just because you're not sitting in a classroom for 3 hours every week doesn't mean its less work. So, you should expect to spend 6-9 hours per week in this 3 credit online course. (In fact, if  you factor in commuting time you actually saving some time by doing the course online rather than driving to campus to take it). I know its a lot of work folks, but hang in there with me and we'll get through it together! And most things work doing take some time and are worth doing well.

4. Since this is a general education class it will be easy."
-No. This is a rigorous college-level course which covers a lot of complex material (however it is not nearly as rigorous as one geared towards science majors). General education courses tend to be broader and cover less depth while covering a greater breadth of material. Also, the course number (100, etc.) does not indicate easy and hard courses. The number indicates how specialized the topics in the course are. In addition, course difficult is very hard to determine. It depends on your reading and analytical skills, your previous experience with the topic and your interest in the material.

5. This is an Instructor-centered class and I am dependent upon the instructor for all of my learning.
-No. A fair amount of learning will be done on your own through reading and watching the videos (if there re videos). I will guide you to the key points and concepts and reinforce them by providing you with a set of clearly stated objectives each week, a set of self-study questions (and answers), study guides, and through our weekly asynchronous online discussions.

I highly recommend that you read the short article titled "Do you have what it takes to be a successful Web student?" at http://www.umuc.edu/prog/ugp/bmgt_news.html.