English 101 Syllabus

Fall 2003, 3483. TU, TH. 11:00-12:15

Prof. Dipo Kalejaiye

Office: M3053

Office hours:   M:     9-10

                        W:     8-11

                        Thur: 4-5

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Assignments for a given day are to be completed before coming to class. In addition to The Bedford Guide for College Writers, (7th edition), your instructor may supplement the assignments below with quizzes, additional readings, or grammar and punctuation exercises. He may amend the syllabus if there is a need for it.


Required Text The Bedford Guide for College Writers (7th edition). New York: Bedford/St Martin, 2005.


NOTE: All Page numbers in this syllabus are from the required text.


Week 1


Tues 1/24 Introduction to the course. The Writing Process, The Bedford Guide. Ch.1 (1-17). Diagnostic writing. The Reading Process. Critical Thinking.


Th. 1/26 Guide: Chap 2. pp. (18-40).  Critical Thinking/Reading.  Essay 1 assigned. (Observation Essay). Read: ‘Class Struggle: Is Homework Really So Terrible?’ by Jay Matthews. (p. 26) Critical Thinking Exercises. Read the essay by Amy Tan ‘Mother Tongue’ (397-402)


Week 2


Tu. 1/31The Writing Process: generating ideas. pp (55-62).

Strategies for Generating Ideas. Class activity: Brainstorming essay topics and subtopics. Thesis.


Thurs 02/2. Developing a Working Thesis and Tentative Organization of your essay. Group discussion of Amy Tan’s ‘Mother Tongue’.  (397-402).


Week 3


Tu. 2/7. Strategies for Drafting. Read section on planning, drafting, and revising. (73-78)

Working draft of Essay 1 due. Your draft should be at least 500 words. Peer review or conferences on working draft. Developing Ideas Sufficiently: examples, details, definitions. Coherence, transitions.



Thurs. 2/9 Reading Critically. Compare and Contrast Essay. (95-112) Class activity: practice critical reading techniques on “Take me out to the ball game" (99-101). Essay 2 assigned.

Final draft of Essay 1 due. Your essay must be at least 500 words long.



Week 4

Tu. 2/14

Compare/Contrast essays continued. Uses of a compare/contrast technique. Class activity on Compare/Contrast essays. Essay Nicholas Wade ‘How Men and Women Think’ (447-451). 


Thurs. 2/16 .Writing that Compares and Contrasts. In class exercises on compare/contrast essays.  Read (99-112)  


Week 5


Tu. 02/21 Continued discussion of comparison and contrast, with attention to essay assignment issues. Identify comparison/contrast transition phrases in assigned essays. Working draft of Essay 2 due. Your draft should be at least 500 words long. Peer review or conference of working drafts. Applying critical thinking skills to working drafts.



Thurs.2/23 Bibliographical Instructions: finding sources on ProQuest. Accokeek Library. Final draft of Essay 2 due. Your essay must be at least 500 Words. Writing that Explores Causes and Effects.  Read (113 -130) and "The Invisible Women" by Yun Yun Choi (114-115). Essay 3 assigned: Your essay must be 600words.



Week 6


Tu. 2/28 Cause/Effect Essays continued.


Thurs.3/2 Tentative Library Research Day. Roll will be taken. Preliminary discussion on the research essay. Essay 4 (Research) Assigned.



Week 7


Tu. 3/07 Working draft of Essay 3 due. Your essay should be at least 600 words long.  Peer Review sessions.  (Guide, p. 196) for peer review and/or conference.


Thurs. 3/09 Essay 3 due. Introduction to writing the research essay. The Nature of Research (547- 565). Planning and Managing your research project. Problem/Solution research essay.

  Class activity: review brainstorming notes and write a statement of the problem and a statement of the proposed solution you currently favor. Exchange problem and solution statements with a classmate. Make a list of questions the author will need to answer to convince you of the truth of the problem and solution statements. Share and discuss. Problem/solution research paper. Your research essay should be a minimum of 1200 words, use in-text citations, and include a Works Cited list (bibliography) in correct MLA format. (642-655)


Week 8   Research Problems and Solutions.


Tu. 3/14   Preliminary Search. Answering Research Questions, Library Research.

Period for print information on problem/solution questions. 547 - 564 Evaluating Sources pp. (570-583). Evaluating Sources Working bibliography.


Thur 3/16 Guide:  Finding Sources in the library, the Internet and in general. (566-590)

 Listing Sources: MLA Style, pp.

Research checkpoint 1: Bring to class a preliminary bibliography (list of sources) in correct MLA format. Drafting the Research Paper: Incorporating Source Material

Bring a copy of one research article you plan to use in your paper. Read it critically and underline the important information and ideas. In-class exercise in summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and interpreting source material. Sample Research essay Citing Sources: MLA Style


Week 9


Tues: 3/21: Evaluating Sources (591-605) Research checkpoint 2: Bring to class, a working thesis statement and a rough outline of your problem-solution essay. In-class work with thesis statements and outlines. Sample Research Essay (630-638) Documenting Sources MLA (640-655).


Thur: 3/23. Integrating Sources. Guide completed research papers. (630-638)

Research checkpoint 3: individual conferences. Bring your working draft and bibliography, and photocopies or printouts of research materials.


Week 10


Tues: 3/28 Writing the Research Paper Research checkpoint 3: individual conferences. Bring your working draft and bibliography, and photocopies or printouts of research materials. Reporting on Research


Thur: 3/30: Research Continued. In class diagnosis of Research Problems


Week 11


Tues: 04/04: Research    Class activity: identifying and analyzing the opposition. Describe the characteristics of the chief opponents of the solution you proposed in your research paper.


Thurs. 04/06: Research as Argument. / The Argument in your essay. Taking a stand.

pp. (131-150)


Tuesday, April 11 through Sunday April 16 College Closed Spring Break.

Have a nice break.



Week 12:


Thur: 04/20: Essay 4 (Research due)   Class activity: Discuss Writing Strategies /questions for 

Assessing Arguments Guide: Paired essays from Guide, or as directed by your. Form small groups, one essay per group. Essay 5 Argument) Assigned.




Tues: 4/25 Argument Essay. The nature of argument. Judy Brady ‘I want a Wife’ (427-429) Group responses to this essay. Read Shelby Steele’s ‘Affirmative Action: The Price of Preference’ (530-534). Note: In-class group exercises on this essay.


Thur: 04/27 Class activity: Group Learning: Getting a Response to Your Position.




Tues. 05/2 Errors in Reasoning: Fallacies Guide: review Recognizing Logical Fallacies, pp. 104-108.Prentice Hall: Chap. 7g. Argument. Review of essays.


Thur. 05/4. Argument Review of Essays. Essay 5 Due.


Week 15


Tues. 5/9   Revisions.


Thur. 5/11 Revisions


Thursday May 11through Sunday May 14 (Last week of Classes/Examinations.)