Text Box:                           English 102 Syllabus
                           SPRING 2006
                        Ref# 3384 Tu/Thur 8-9:15 a.m
                     Ref# 3386 Tu/Thur 9:30- 10:45 a.m






Prof: Dipo Kalejaiye

Office: M3053

Phone: 322-0567

Office hours: M: 9-10; Thur 4-5, W: 8-11  




Texts: Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing, Kirszner and Mandell. Compact 5th edition Canada: Thompson and Wadsworth, 2004.


Week 1


1/24                 Tues  Introduction. The Concept of Writing: In-class diagnostic essay UNDERSTANDING FICTION (Common Writing Problems) READ: Kirszner, pp. 43-76        


1/26               Thur.  Elements of Fiction: Theme, Story, Plot, Character e.t.c.

                       READING AND WRITING ABOUT FICTION.  READ: RIOS “THE SECRET LION” pp. 52-76 . Elements of Fiction: Theme, Story, Plot, Character, e.t.c.

Week 2


1/31                 Tues. READING AND WRITING ABOUT FICTION Contd. Review Chapter 2 Kirszner  THE SECRET LION Discussion: The theme of initiation.

                        DOE SEASON. Elements of Fiction continued.  Essay 1 Assigned.


2/2                   Thur. More Elements of Fiction.



Week 3


2/7                   Tues.  WRITING PAPERS ABOUT LITERATURE READ: John Updike’s

A& P, pp. 115-120.


2/9                   Thur.  Story. Read Point of view in story p 195. Workshop/Discussion.


Week 4          


2/14                Tues.  WORKSHOP SESSIONS: Compare/Contrast essays about “A & P” and “THE SECRET LION.”



 2/16                Thur.  A COMPARE/CONTRAST PAPER FOR LITT.  PLOT (CHAPTER 4) pp. 76- 79. Story/Point of view continued.

Week 5


2/21                    Tues.  READ: In class discussion, Group discussion (Sessions to be arranged)

                          Workshop on Essay 1



2/23                     Thur.  READ: GRYPHON p.125. THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER p348.


Week 6


2/28                         Tues. READ: Faulkner A ROSE FOR EMILY p.91 ESSAY1 is DUE!  (NO          LATE SUBMISSIONS)


3/2                          Thur: Gryphon, and A Rose for Emily. Assignment: What is Poetry?  Essay2.

                                      Continue discussion on Gryphon. Critical analysis workshop.


Week 7


 3/7                             Tues. WHAT IS POETRY?      


3/9                               Thur. General Concepts, Elements of poetry. Essay 2 Assigned.


Week 8  

3/14                             Tues. Defining Poetry, Elements of poetry: sound, voice, imagery, word                                       choice, rhyme, tone, figure of speech, tone, meter, and symbol

                                     Recognizing Kinds of Poetry.


3/16                              Thur. Discovering Themes in Poetry, pp. 547-554

                                      Participation is mandatory.  READ: Chapter 12,

                                      THE VOICE OF THE POET: THE VOICE OF THE POEM!

                                     Gluck: GRETEL IN DARKNESS, pp. 601

                                      Browning: MY LAST DUCHESS, pp. 605

                                      Plath: DADDY, p. 691


Week 9


3/21                            Tues. The Art of Reading Poetry “DIGGING,” p.560-561.


                                    Discovering Themes in Poetry, pp. 547-554 Selections.

                             Poetica p.549, Meter 690; Sound 713. Shakespeare’s    

                             Sonnet “That time of year thou mayst in me Behold p.551,

                             METER, pp. 710 “DIGGING,” p.560-561.

3/23                     Thur: What is drama? Bring to next class.

    Assignment: What is drama?  Read: Oedipus the Kings. P. 1271-1314.

                           Essay 3 Assignment: Introduction to Drama. Essay 2 Due. Elements of Drama.

                            Story, Plot, Character. e.t.c.


Week 10           


 3/28                    Tues.: Introduction to Drama Aristotle, Classical Greek Drama. The theater of

                            Dionysus. Themes in a classical theater. Myth: The house of Atreus


3/30                      Thur. Structure of Greek plays.


Week 11


4/4                        Tues.  Scene Work: Oedipus the King

                            Elements of Greek Theater.  Essay 3 assigned.

                             Theatre of Dionysus (Oedipus the King)       


4/6                      Thur: Theater of Dionysus. (Oedipus the King).


Tuesday April 11 through Sunday April 16 College Closed. Spring Break


Week 12


 4/20                    Thurs. Elements of Modern Drama (Theme, Story, Plot, Character …)

                            Modern Theater. August Wilson’s FENCES,  pp.1358-1414


Week 13


 4/25                    Tues.: Modern Theater. “The tragedy of the common man” Miller’s “Death of a                             Salesman” Modern Theater. August Wilson’s FENCES   pp.1358-1414.


4/27                     Thur: Modern Theater   FENCES 

                            Arthur Miller: DEATH OF A SALESMAN, Pg.1179


Week 14            


5/2                            Tues:    FENCES/ DEATH OF A SALESMAN.


                                    DRAMA: Modern drama Continued. FENCES

                                     Essay 3 Due.  Film Presentation.

5/4                             Thur:  Film presentation on Modern drama FENCES


Week 15


5/9                     Tues. Revision: Modern Theater. Fences, and Death of a Salesman.



5/11                  Thurs Revision Modern Theater. Fences, and Death of A Salesman






































                                                     POLICY STATEMENT


Text Box: English 102 Spring 2006
 Prof. Dipo Kalejaiye







30 % Weekly Project (Weekly In -Class Writing Assignments). Please, No make-up for this segment. The Professor will arrange the topics for the writing assignments).


60 % (Three essays = 20% each)





Your essay must be typed and in a portfolio.  At least a final draft must accompany your submission.  The final draft must have been through one peer review session, especially the group you belong to.  For expediency, your group may be mandated to review your final draft before submission.  If you wish to submit your essay ahead of time or late, they must be left in my mailbox in the English Department office.  If you are not sure which one is my mailbox, ask the secretary.  Please do this during their regular office hours (Monday through Friday).  As you know, late submissions are NOT ALLOWED!  THE ESSAY WILL BE GRADED DOWN FOR THIS!  A LATE PAPER IS ANYTHING TURNED IN AFTER THE TIME AND DATE SPECIFIED BY THE INSTRUCTOR.



There may be a comprehensive quiz if I find out that you are not reading the material. The quiz will be 15% of your grade (I might drop an essay in favor of this quiz. Mandatory: You must “read the materials before class”.) No one is exempt from this quiz. There will be no make up quiz!



Of course everyone has a reason for not coming to a scheduled class.  REMEMBER: ENGLISH DEPARTMENT POLICY STIPULATES THAT IF YOU MISS 25% OF THE CLASS, YOU MAY NOT PASS THE CLASS!


This class is designed for students who want to achieve a college level competency in writing about literature. Therefore, the assignments and requirements for the course will reflect this.  PLEASE TAKE ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY SERIOUSLY.  When absences occur, it must be a valid one!  A doctor’s note for an illness, court papers showing a mandatory court appearance, and the like.  In any case, the instructor makes the final decision as to the legitimacy of your reason for being absent.







I require a courteous behavior at all times. This involves a courteous way of listening, questioning, commenting, or discussing.  BE CONSIDERATE OF THE FEELINGS/EMOTIONS OF OTHERS.  PLEASE, there should be no talking to other students while another student or the instructor is talking.                                              



This is any behavior, which disrupts the learning process. I will not tolerate this type of behavior. If you are late, try not to distract the class in progress. I will not tolerate: talking, interruption of class activities, RUDENESS, EATING IN CLASS or LEAVING CLASS EARLY.





Students requesting academic accommodations are required to contact the Disability Support Services Office (M-1042) or call (301) 322-0838 (voice) or (301) 322-0122 (TTY) to establish eligibility for services and accommodations.  Students with documented disabilities should discuss the matter privately with their instructors at the beginning of the semester and provide a copy of their Student/Faculty Accommodation Form.



The Prince George's Community College Code of Conduct defines the rights and responsibilities of students and establishes a system of procedures for dealing with students charged with violations of the code and other rules and regulations of the college. A student enrolling in the college assumes an obligation to conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible with the college's function as an educational institution. Refer to the 2003-2004 Student Handbook, beginning on page 39, for a complete explanation of the code of conduct, including the procedure for dealing with disruptive student behavior.



The college is an institution of higher learning that holds academic integrity as its highest principle.  In the pursuit of knowledge, the college community expects that all students, faculty, and staff will share responsibility for adhering to the values of honesty and unquestionable integrity.  To support a community committed to academic achievement and scholarship, the Code of Academic Integrity advances the principle of honest representation in the work that is produced by students seeking to engage fully in the learning process.  The complete text of the recently approved Code of Academic Integrity will be sent to all enrolled students early in the spring 2004 semester and posted on the college's website.




            Last day to apply for May graduation:                     Wed. February 15


            Last day to change from "audit" to "credit" or                 

                        "Credit" to "Audit"                                      Frid. March 3


            Presidents' Day – College closed                            Monday, February 20



            Last day to withdraw from 15-week classes            Wed. May 3.