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CJT 153/253 Online Get Organized!!

1.  Purchase a three ring binder, a hole punch, and 17 subject dividers.
2.  Label the first subject divider "Orientation Materials."  Place the
     Greeting, Get Organized, Orientation Letter, Survival Tips documents
     in this section.
3.  Label the second subject divider "Course Information".  Place all information from "Course Information" (i.e. syllabus, etc) in this section.
4.  Label a subject divider for each week of the course:  1 through 14.  Place all of your weekly assignments in this section. 

5. Label a subject divider "Project" and "Extra Credit".  Place a copy of your project/extra credit in this section.
6.  Label a subject divider "Final Exam Review."

Each week, print out all documents posted and put them in the appropriate section of your binder in the order that they appear in the weekly assignment folder.  I have put the documents in the weekly assignment folder in the order in which you should read them,  (You will have access to these weekly assignment folders after you are able to logon to the course in August.)