PSY 1010 General Psychology

                        Schedule - this is a sample

This course is not an ongoing self-paced course. It is a course given during each of the regular semester time frames. The course will be given during each of the three semesters. The information here will give you an idea about what we will be doing.  The schedule will change each semester. The rest of the syllabus remains the same.

Verify the date for Orientation at Orientation is NOT REQUIRED. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that students new to online learning attend the orientation.  If you have never taken an online course, you should attend the orientation. Check the Distance Learning Homepage for information on Orientation.

All online courses require a proctored final exam which is taken on campus in the Testing Center. Additionally, students will have to visit campus to use the Library. While the course is given online and regular attendance on campus is not required, you will have to come to campus to take the final and to use the Library in order to complete some of the projects.

Be sure to read the information on the textbook before purchasing.


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