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NiTOP 2019
An Accessible Webpage (Powerpoint)
Cyberpsychology  Presentation
Communication in the Online Environment
Diversity in Online Teaching Environments
JFK, JR. Plane Crash and the Chapter on Perception
Lab Manual for Child Psychology
Moral Development Presentation
Online Teaching Presentation    (Powerpoint )
Piaget and the Blue Potato Chip
Sensation and Perception Presentation
Teaching at the Community College Level - APA's Preparing Future Faculty Initiative  (Powerpoint)
 Teaching a Short Course in Sport Psychology   (Powerpoint)
Using Case Studies - Susan Smith
Short Cases for Developmental Psychology
References from Dr. Barry Smith's EPA 2003 presentation on neuroscience
Using Sport Psychology to Teach Developmental Psychology (Powerpoint)
A Beginner's Guide to (Cyber) Online Teaching: Pleasures and Pitfalls (Powerpoint)
Critical Thinking (Powerpoint)
Becoming a Professional (Powerpoint)
Teaching Online Mediated Courses (with Ken Gray)  APS 2004 (Powerpoint)
Online Learning - Presented to Western Connecticut State University
Reaching New Audiences (Powerpoint)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Powerpoint)
ACT Conference: A Retrospective of 25 Years Teaching Online

    You can download a free Powerpoint viewer at http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2002/ppView97.aspx