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         PSY 1010 Fall 2010 SCHEDULE


Please be aware the online courses require at least as much study time as face-to-face (f2f) courses. You should plan on at least 12 hours per week of study time. That means you need to study at least 150 hours in order to complete the course. It is essential that you allot enough study time in order to be successful. If you are new to online or are not a strong student, it may take you more time.

Note that we cover 2 chapters in some weeks. Please be sure to read all of the information for online students at my webpage. (academic.pgcc.edu/~dfinley).



I have organized the course by Learning Modules. Some Modules cover one chapter, some Modules cover 2 chapters.  See the Learning Module (click the LM link on the navigation bar) for specific assignments due.

All DBs are due at MONDAY NIGHT 10 p.m.
The next week's work will open on Tuesdays. That means you can work on the weekend. Do NOT wait until Monday night to begin work - that is the deadline which means the latest that you can submit work. It does NOT mean that is when you should do the work. I will not be online after 4 p.m. on Mondays. While you have until 10 p.m. to complete work, if you get locked out of a quiz, I will not be able to unlock it. That means you will not get credit for that particular quiz.  I do not reopen quizzes nor extend deadlines. I have a built-in late work policy (see the syllabus). Do work EARLY in the week to avoid technical problems or other things that come up.  I recommend beginning your work on Tuesdays, when the new DBs open. I recommend completing all work by Monday evening at the latest. That way, if a true problem arises, there is still time for you to complete your work.

Note that some DBS are group DBs. Those require you to post to the group DB by Sunday night at 10 p.m. Some are debates which require several postings throughout the week. Please be aware the success in this course requires you to check into this classroom at least 3-4 times per week. Please note that the workbook is required.



Week #

Week Dates

Due Date DB all DBs due at MONDAY NIGHT 10 p.m.

Items Due


Week 1

Monday August 30 - Friday September 3

September 3


Introductions DB
Workload Questionnaire
Syllabus Acknowledgement
Extra Credit Assignment



I will not be online 9/4-6.

Saturday September 4 Monday September 6

Labor Day Holiday


Week 2

Tuesday September 7-
 Monday September 13

September 13

Learning Module 1
Chapter 1
DB 1
Workbook Chapter 1


Week 3

Tuesday September 14 -
 Monday September 20

  September 20

Learning Module 2
Chapter 2
DB 3

Workbook Chapter 2



Week 4

Tuesday September 21 -
 Monday September 27

 September 27

Library Discussion Board
Complete VAIL Plagiarism and APA Tutorials


Week 5

Tuesday September 28 -
 Monday October 4

October 4

Learning Module 3
Chapter 3
DB 4
Workbook Chapter 3


Week 6

Tuesday October 5 -
 Monday October 11

October 11

Learning Module 4
Chapter 4
DB 5
Workbook Chapter 4
Quiz 1 (Chapters 1-3)


Week 7

Tuesday October 12
 Monday October 18

October 18

 Learning Module 5
Chapter 5
DB 6
Workbook Chapter 5





 October 18 LU 5



Week 8

Tuesday October 19 -
 Monday October 25

October 25

Learning Module 6
Chapter 6
DB 7
(Group DB - #7 - early posting deadline)
Workbook Chapter 6


Week 9

Tuesday October 26 -
 Monday November 1

November 1

Learning Module 7
Chapter 7
DB 8
Workbook Chapter 7


Week 10

Tuesday November 2-
 Monday November 8

 November 8

Learning Module 8
Chapter 8
DB 10
Workbook Chapter 8
Quiz 2 (Chapters 4-7)


Week 11

Tuesday  November 9 -
 Monday November 15

November 15

Learning Module 9
Chapter 9
DB 11
Workbook Chapter 9

Learning Module 10
Chapter 10
(Group DB - #12 - early posting deadline)
DB 12
Workbook Chapter 10


Week 12

Tuesday November 16 -
 Monday November 22

November 22

 Learning Module 11
Chapter 11
DB 13
Workbook Chapter 11
Quiz 3 (Chapters 8-10)

Learning Module 12
Chapter 12
DB  14
Workbook Chapter 12


Week 13

no work scheduled review for exam




Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 24-28



Week 14

Monday November 29 -
Monday December 6

December 6

Learning Module 13
Chapter 13
DB 15
Workbook Chapter 13



Last day to submit late work

December 6



Week 15

Tuesday December 7-
Thursday December 9

Thursday December 9
(Change due to end of classes)

 Learning Module 14
Chapter 14
DB  16
Workbook Chapter 14
Quiz 4 (Chapters 11-14)



Friday December 10 
Monday December 13

December 13
Close of Testing Center