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SPH-109 Interpersonal Communication

On-Line Course

Reference Number 9757

Spring 2004


Purpose Course Outcomes
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Instructor:                  Dr. Donnetrice Allison

Office:                         Queen Anne, Room 114

Phone:                        (301) 322-0953

Fax:                            (301) 386-7511


Office Hours:             MWF 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. & by appointment.  



                        Development of oral communication skills to enhance human interaction, including nonverbal and verbal language usage, listening, conflict management, and multicultural communication.


Completion of Sph.100 and ESL 106(C or higher) or placement by exam for non-native speakers of U.S. oral English.  The student must be easily understandable and fluent in U.S. standard oral American English.  Prerequisites:  Reading and oral proficiency levels or SPH 100 and ESL 106 (C or higher).


 Expected Course Outcomes:

1.      Identify and apply intrapersonal communication concepts, including self-awareness, communication apprehension, and identity management.

2.      Identify, apply, and perform supportive communication skills.

3.      Identify, apply, and perform message formation skills.

4.      Identify, apply, and perform influence and conflict management skills.

5.      Identify, apply, and perform listening and response skills.

6.      Identify and analyze orally or in writing potential communication barriers.

7.      Identify and analyze orally or in writing barriers to multicultural understanding.

8.      Demonstrate skills for enhancing multicultural communication in a role-play situation.



Adler, R. B. and Towne, N.  (1996).  Looking In, Looking Out, tenth edition.  Holt, Rinehart & Winston.


Course Assignments 

                           Point Value                             Your Points    

On-line Activities (10 worth 10 points)



Quizzes (3 worth 50 points)



Johari Window Presentation & Paper



Communication Skills Role Play



Interpersonal Analysis



Group Presentation



Relationship Analysis



In-Class Activities







On-line Activities There will be an assignment in association with each chapter in the text, see Announcements on the Blackboard site for specific instructions. 

QuizzesQuiz One on Unit One (Chapters 1-4).  Quiz Two on Unit Two (Chapters 5-7).  Final Quiz on Unit Three (Chapters 8-10).

Johari Window Paper & Presentation:  Explain who you are based on the Johari Model described in the text  Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, font size 10-12, 2-4 pages.  In addition, be prepared to discuss what you wrote in your paper in a five-minute presentation before the class, on Thursday, February 26. 

Communication Skills Role Play Each student will be asked to demonstrate effective listening skills by responding to hypothetical scenarios through role-play, on Thursday, March 25.

Interpersonal Analyses Based on class discussion and text, you will be asked to answer a series of questions examining the interpersonal interaction in a film (specific film TBA). 

Group Presentation Each group will be assigned a culture to analyze.  Findings will be reported in a 4-5 page paper.  In addition, groups will discuss their findings before the class, on Thursday, April 22.

Relationship Analysis:  Students will write a 6-8 page paper analysis of a relationship in which they are currently involved.  Details will follow closer to the due date on Thursday, May 13.

In-Class ActivitiesDuring each class meeting there will be graded activities, IN ADDITION, to the assignments listed above.


Grade Scale 

800 - 720        =          A

719 640        =          B

639 560        =          C

559 480        =          D

379 or below    =          F


Course Calendar

Week 1 On campus meeting, Thursday, January 29; Course Overview and Introductions
Week 2 Chapter One
Week 3 Chapter Two
Week 4 Chapter Three
Week 5 On campus meeting, Thursday, February 26; Johari Window Presentations
Week 6 Chapter Four, Quiz 1
Week 7 Chapter Seven
Week 8 Chapter Ten
Week 9 On campus meeting, Thursday, March 25; Communication Skills Role Plays
Week 10 Chapter Five
Week 11 Chapter Six, SPRING BREAK!
Week 12 Chapter Eight, Quiz 2
Week 13 On campus meeting, Thursday, April 22; Group Presentations
Week 14 Chapter Nine
Week 15 Interpersonal Analysis
Finals Week On campus meeting, Thursday, May 13; Final Quiz, Relationship Analysis Due


**NOTE:  The information contained in this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.