Marketing 263 - International Marketing

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Hello and Welcome to
Your Class,

There are some helpful preparations you can do immediately to ensure
 that your  voyage is as smooth as possible.

1.  You must be organized.   Each week you must complete the chapter assignments in the Course Document section of Blackboard.
2.  Read "Survival Tips for Online Students" to give you an idea of what is expected of an online student.
3..  The orientation letter has important information for you. 

4.  Read the Syllabus for this course.
5. Revi
ew the  Important Class Dates.

After you are able to logon to the course in the Blackboard System (in January),  you will be able to complete the following tasks.

6.  To get started with the course, click on "Assignments" in  the frame at the left of the Blackboard screen.  
7.  In the "Week One Assignments..." folder, you will find instructions about editing your personal information to