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Life Science Summer Institute


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Lesson Plan - Ancillary Material

A fourth grade lesson plan on classification written by Tracey Brown, Tameaka White, and Manda Jackson.

Lesson Plans

This a repository of the lesson plans created during the Life Science Summer Institute.


A seventh and eighth grade lesson plan on cells written by Zena Butler and Godwin Offiah.

Oil Spills and Leaks

Lesson Plan - PowerPoint Slides

A lesson plan for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students on Oil Spills and Leaks written by Angelia Joy Long, Manjot Choudhary,  Shonda Wooden, Natasha Taylor, Mona Hafez, and Gretchen Sumbrum.


A biodiversity lesson plan written by Samuel Fatokun, Karen Card, Yashica Terry, and Heather Von Hagel


A sixth grade lesson plan on classification written by Stephanie McGaw, Denise Bartlow, Nancy Stewart, and David Rice.

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