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Life Science Summer Institute


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The Orkin learning center has lesson plans related to bugs and can be used for classification activities.

Web Resources

Here are a list of websites that were used or cited during the Life Science Summer Institute


This site delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience and health topics. They are designed to be used by students, teachers and members of the public.


This site provides resources for K-12 teachers, higher education faculty, and public educators. These include PDF-based Print-and-Go™ activities, unit plans and other supporting resources. The materials are designed to support and extend the materials on Learn.Genetics.

Biology with the TI-83 Plus

Links to 14 activities that focus on real-world data collection and analysis concepts.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Web Project is a collection of information about biodiversity compiled collaboratively by hundreds of expert and amateur contributors.

Virtual Compound Microscope

This site has a virtual compound microscope that allows users to practice their microscope skills.

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Microscope Imaging Station

The Microscope Imaging Station at the Exploratorium provides a unique opportunity to explore the microscopic world.

Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institute’s educators site has a searchable database of lesson plans.


The official site of the Nobel Prize has an educational page that includes many games that bring to life many of the concepts that were awarded Nobel prizes.

Science Lesson Plans and Resources

This page provides links to lesson plans and resources for all grade levels and all science areas typically taught in K-12 schools.


Professor Michelle Klein

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E-mail: kleinmr@pgcc.edu


Dr. Cassandra Moore-Crawford

Phone: 301-386-7562

Fax: 301-386-7529

E-mail: moorecm@pgcc.edu

The Biology Corner

The Biology Corner is a resource site for biology and science teachers.  It contains a variety of lessons, quizzes, labs, web quests, and information on science topics. 

Biology Lessons

A website with a list of lesson plans categorized by grade level.

The Educator’s Reference Desk

A website with science lessons plans for a variety of topics and grade levels.


Cells Alive

This web site has film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research.