Food chains, food webs, photosynthesis, cell respiration, trophic levels, bioaccumulation

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Life Science Summer Institute


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Below you will fond links to the various PowerPoint slides that were used during the Life Science Summer Institute.

Scientific Taxonomy, Classifying Bugs

Biosphere, ecosystems, populations, communities

Dominant versus recessive traits, Gregor Mendel, genotype versus phenotype, non-Mendelian inheritance, Punnet squares

Types of cells, cell size, ubiquity, organelles, osmosis, diffusion, microscopy

Diversity of bird beaks and feet, adaptations, niches, natural selection, survival of the fittest


Content Materials

Parts of a flower, types of pollinators, types of pollination

This is a master file of all the notes that were in your binders.

This is a master file of all of the activities that were in your binders.