History 141 Syllabus
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HST 141 is a one semester survey of the history of the United States before 1865. The course examines the political, diplomatic, economic, and social development of the country with equal emphasis, although particular attention will be devoted to the antebellum and Civil War periods.

Required Texts:

Alan Brinkley, American History: A Survey. Volume I: To 1877.

Course requirements: There will be 3 exams, 6 quizzes, and 1 documentary assignment during the course of the semester. The exams, quizzes, and documentary assignment will be weighted as follows:

Quizzes 15%
Exam 1 20%
Exam 2 20%
Final Exam 30%
Documentary editing assignment 15%

The quizzes will be based on the readings and the exams will be based on readings and lectures. See following pages for quiz and exam schedule.

The quizzes will be 5 identifications based on the lectures and readings in your text book. The quizzes will be take home. About a week before each quiz is due I will give you a copy of the quiz. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUPS FOR QUIZZES, AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE QUIZZES.


The exams will be a combination of 5 of 10 identifications, 1 of 3 short essays, and 1 of 3 long essays. Study guides will be provided and a review will be scheduled the class day before each exam.

Make-up Policy for Exams: An exam can be made up but only in the event of severe illness, work, or a death in the family. The student must contact me before the exam is administered to be allowed a make-up, and the make-up must be taken the next class day. If a student does not follow this policy, the only other time a make-up will be given is Wednesday, December 12 at 11:00 a.m. ANY DEVIATION FROM THIS POLICY WILL RESULT IN A ZERO ON THE EXAM AND AN F IN THE COURSE.**

The documentary assignment will be due December 7, 2001. I will not accept any late papers. IF THE EDITING ASSIGNMENT IS NOT HANDED IN ON TIME, THE RESULTING GRADE WILL BE A ZERO. I will hand out the editing assignment in class sometime in the next two weeks and will explain the assignment more fully then.

Readings, Lectures, and Assignments

Week 1
Aug. 27 Orientation
Aug. 29 Collision of Cultures, Part I
Aug. 31 Collision of Cultures, Part II

Week 2
Sep. 3 Labor Day (No classes)
Sep. 5 The Chesapeake Colonies
Sep. 7 The New England Colonies
Readings: Chap. 1 of text

Week 3
Sep. 10 Other Proprietary Colonies
Sep. 12 Colonial Life in the Southern Colonies
Sep. 14 QUIZ on CHAP. 2 DUE Colonial Life in New England
Readings: Chap. 2 of text

Week 4
Sep. 17 Colonial Life in the Middle Colonies
Sep. 19 The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
Sep. 21 Colonial Government
Readings: Chap. 3 of text

Week 5
Sep. 24 French and Indian War
Sep. 26 Post-war British Policies and Colonial Reaction, Part I
Sep. 28 QUIZ on CHAP. 4 DUE Post-war British Policies and Colonial Reaction, Part II
Readings: Chap. 4 of tex

Week 6
Oct. 1 Exam 1 on all readings (Chaps. 1 - 4) and lectures to date.
Oct. 3 American Revolution, Part I
Oct. 5 American Revolution, Part II
Readings: Chap. 5 of Text

Week 7
Oct. 8 State Constitutions and the Articles of Confederation
Oct. 10 U.S. Constitution
Oct. 12 QUIZ on CHAP. 6 DUE The Federalists: Washington and Adams, Part I
Readings: Chaps. 6 and 7 of text

Week 8
Oct. 15 The Federalists: Washington and Adams, Part II
Oct. 17 Jefferson
Oct. 19 QUIZ on CHAP. 7 DUE Jeffersonian Foreign Policy
Readings: Chap. 8 of text

Week 9
Oct. 22 War of 1812 and Post-war Expansion
Oct. 24 Industrialization and Immigration
Oct. 26 Exam 2 on readings (Chaps. 5 - 8, 10 [PAGES 333-50])
and all lectures since first exam

Readings: Chap. 10 (PAGES 333-350) of text

Week 10
Oct. 29 Andrew Jackson, Part I
Oct. 31 Professional Day (No classes)
Nov. 2 Andrew Jackson, Part II
Readings: Chap. 9 of text

Week 11
Nov. 5 Manifest Destiny
Nov. 7 The South
Nov. 9 QUIZ ON CHAP. 9 DUE Slavery, Part I
Readings: Chap. 10 of text

Week 12
Nov. 12 Slavery, part II
Nov. 14 Slavery, part III
Nov. 16 The North and West
Readings: Chap. 11 of text

Week 13
Nov. 19 Abolitionism
Nov. 21 Coming of the Civil War, Part i
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Recess (No classes)
Readings: Chap. 12 of text

Week 14
Nov. 26 Coming of the Civil War, part II
Nov. 28 Coming of the Civil War, part III
Nov. 30 QUIZ ON CHAP. 13 DUE Fort Sumter and War Preparedness
Readings: Chap. 13 of text

Week 15
Dec 3 The Home Front, North and South
Dec 5 Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
Readings: Chap. 14 of Text

Week 16
Dec 12 Final Exam 12:00-2:00 On readings (Chaps. 9 - 14) and all lectures since the second exam.


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