Professor Carolyn F. Hoffman

Syllabus for HST 143 - Fall 2002

The course requirements, relevant assignments and readings are outlined in the material that follows on this page.




Required Books

Alan Brinkley, American History: A Survey.  Volume II: Since 1865.

Irwin Unger and Robert R. Tomes, American Issues: A Primary Source Reader in United States History.  Volume II: Since 1865.

These texts are available at the College Bookstore. You may buy books in person or have them shipped to your home.   Contact the bookstore by phone, email or in person. 

Learning Objectives

HST 143 is a one semester survey of the history of the United States since 1865.  The course examines the political, diplomatic, economic, and social development of the country with equal emphasis.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  1. trace the experiences of the newly freed slaves and their descendants over the time period covered by the course, explain the betrayal of African Americans by both major political parties at the end of the 19th century, and understand the outcomes of different approaches by succeeding generations of American blacks to achieve full political, economic, social, and educational equality;
  2. understand the economic forces transforming the nation from a rural and agricultural society into an urban and industrial state and analyze their impact on society, day-to-day life, and culture;
  3. identify different social and economic reform movements and explain their solutions to the problems that faced American society as a result of rapid industrialization and the concentration of the nationís wealth in the hands of a few;
  4. explain the causes of the Great Depression and the increased role of the federal government in combating its effects and understand the expanded role of the U.S. government in domestic affairs during the 20th century;
  5. analyze the causes and courses of the post-World War II Civil Rights Movement;
  6. trace the rise of the United States as a great world power and explain the nationís role in the 
    two world wars of the 20th century;
  7. analyze the causes and outcomes of the Cold War on the post-World War II period;
  8. appraise the origins of the Vietnam War and its impact on American political and social development in the 1960s.

Course Policies

This is a distance learning course. As such, participants have a great amount of flexibility in completing the course. Persons enrolled in this section must complete all course requirements as outlined in the course syllabus.  It is the responsibility of the course participant to schedule, complete and submit required course assignments on time.

Likewise, participants are responsible for scheduling and completing the course chapters, the relevant reading for the course and understanding of associated exercises and tools. Material must be completed and submitted on time.   A final grade will be issued at the end of the term on the date required by the College.

Course Requirements

There will be 2 exams (a mid-term and a final), 5 quizzes, 10 discussion boards, and 1 documentary editing assignment during the course of the semester.  The exams, quizzes, discussions, and documentary editing assignment will be weighted as follows:
Mid-term 25%
Final 30%
Documentary editing    15%
Quizzes                      15%
Discussions 15%