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  Introduction to Philosophy "From Socrates to Sartre" - Distance Learning: a video enahnced course.


This course has two components: a series of 30 television programs broadcast  over cable (and sometimes over the air through Maryland  Public Broadcasting) with their accompanying study guide and text book.  And an on-line site ( where you will interact with your classmates and me.

You will need access to the programs and to the internet in order to be able to take the course.

The course follows the history of philosophy in the West by selecting six major philosophers: Plato, Descartes, Hume, Hegel, Marx and Sartre and following their ideas as they evolve both within each philosopher and in relationship to the philosophers before them.

For the Spring, 2007 semester, it is section 9144 and will be broadcast on both PGCC  cable and MPB.  Check the current course schedule for times and channels (look under "Video Enhanced Online Classes").