Beginning Philosophy

THERE IS A FROZEN SEA WITHIN US. Philosophy is an axe.

Everything you believe is questionable. How deeply have you questioned it? The un-critical acceptance of beliefs handed down to you by parents, teachers, politicians, and religious leaders is dangerous. Many of these beliefs are simply false. Some of them are lies, designed to control you. Even when what has been handed down is true, it is not your truth. To merely accept anything without questioning it is to be somebody else's puppet, a second-hand person.

Beliefs can be handed down. Knowledge can perhaps be handed down. Wisdom can never be handed down. The goal of philosophy is wisdom. Trying to hand down philosophy is unphilosophical.

Wisdom requires questioning what is questionable. Because everything is questionable, wisdom requires questioning everything. That is what philosophy is: the art of questioning everything.

Daniel Kolak and Raymond Martin, The Experience of Philosophy Fourth Edition, Wadsworth, 1999. Pg 1