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Learning Objectives  

  • Be able to create bulleted lists, numbered lists, and outlines
  • Learn about the Outline View, especially its ability to easily manipulate text
  • Be able to create and properly insert a table into a document
  • Understand styles, and how they can automatically format a document give it a professional, uniform appearance
  • Learn about AutoFormatting, and how it can be used to change part or all of an existing document
  • Find out how to put page numbers on your document, and become familiar with the Go To   command to jump to a different page
  • Be able to make an index and table of contents
  • Be able to create different varieties of headers and footers

Here is a list of lessons and what will be learned in each:.




Lesson 1: 

Lists and Outlines are a fun and easy way to organize information. Let's get started!

Guided Walkthrough

Lesson 2: 

Now it's time to learn about Tables.  They're easy to make, and absolutely necessary to know.  Let's get started!

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Lesson 3: 

Welcome to AutoFormatting and Styles!  Here, you'll learn many new and useful things that will get you even farther down the road to Word proficiency.  Well, let's go!

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Lesson 4:

Now it is time to learn about Indices, they give your document a polished and sophisticated look. Let's go!

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Lesson 5:

Tables of Contents make your documents easy to follow and great to look at. Let's go ahead and learn how to create a table of contents!

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Lesson 6:

Now you will learn about formatting on a section level where any formatting affects only your desired section, you will also learn how to manipulate Headers and Footers. Let's get started!

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Lesson 7:

Lesson 7: In this lesson you will learn about Page Numbers, how to format and insert page numbers. You will become familiar with the 'Go To' Command.  Let's get started!

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PowerPoint Presentation

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Take a few minutes and complete these little quizzes on the lessons above to test you knowledge of Microsoft Word® 2000. Good Luck!



Review of all points covered by making a final project. In this section we will simply tell you what to do. You will have to use your own knowledge from the above lessons to complete it. If you get stuck feel free to go to the lesson in which the information you need is located. Good Luck!


100 Additional Exam Questions


100 Additional Exam Questions

20 Additional Projects


20 Additional Projects

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