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Review: It is time to review some of the materials you have learned. If you get stuck, feel free to go back to the guided walkthrough that corresponds to the lesson number you are working on. Let's get started!

Lesson 1 - Lists and Outlines  
1. Time to practice making bulleted and numbered lists...
1.       Create a bulleted list of your favorite musicians.

2.       On a new page, now take your bulleted list and rank your favorite artists (high to low) in a numbered list .

3.       When you are finished, go back and customize your lists by changing the color, font, type size, or any other variable you wish to give your lists a completely different look!

4.      Make sure to save your document.

2. Time to put your information into outline form!
1.      This is your last assignment on Lists and Outlines! 

2.      Make an outline that lists your favorite artists (in ranked order). As a set of sub-bullets/numbers, list your favorite albums, your favorite tracks on each album, and when each album was released.

3.      Make sure to incorporate both bullets and numbers in you finished outline. Give it a customized layout!

4.      Make sure to save your document!


Lesson 2 - Tables  
1. Now, let's put all your hard-earned knowledge about tables into practice.  You'll do just fine!
1.      Make a report card of your grades from last semester using tables.

2.       Be sure to change borders, colors, and font types and sizes from the defaults to make it look interesting. 

3.      Use Clip Art or a picture as well.

4.      Save your document.

2. Last exercise on tables.  Almost done!
1.      Conduct a poll of one of your classes, and present the data in table form.  Use your imagination! 

2.      Make sure to incorporate the things you’ve learned, and experiment with other functions you come across.

3.      Save your document.


Lesson 3 - Styles and AutoFormatting  
1. Now that you have learned about Advanced Features in Microsoft Word ® 2000, it is time to put all that knowledge to the test.  
Research a country you would like to visit on the Internet, and take note of what you would like to do there; maybe landmarks you would like to visit or something cultural you want to experience.

1.      Make a travel itinerary for a week’s visit to the country in the form of a list, with headings and text underneath. 

2.      Using Styles, change the style of headings to Heading 2 and the body text to Body Text.  Make the font Arial style and size 36 for the headings, and font size 11, bold, and Tahoma style for the body text. 

3.      Using the Outline View, move your third grouping of heading and data to the fourth grouping.

4.      Save your document.

2. This is the second and final exercise for this lesson!  Almost done!
Create and apply a new style completely of your creation. 

1.      Base it off of Heading 3, and modify it in at least fifteen ways.

2.      Be creative, and take notice of what effects your selections have.

3.      Print out something using your new style as proof that you have completed this exercise or save your document.



Lesson 4 - Indices

Now that you have learned about Advanced Features in Microsoft Word ® 2000, it is time to put all that knowledge to the test.
1.      Open the Folder called Review, open document called Lesson 4.doc Scroll down where the quiz is located on the second page.  In this fun exercise you will need to create an Index to reveal all the answers to the questions in the quiz. 2.       All the entries for your Index have already been marked. You need to create an actual Index directly below the quiz. 3.      Make sure that there are two (2) columns in your Index. 4.      Right align all of your page numbers. 5.      Choose Fancy as your Index format.
Once your Index appears, you will notice that the answer to question number ten (10) is not listed. The Thirty Years War lasted 30 years. You will need to create an additional index entry to include the answer to the last question.
1.      Open the Mark Index Entry dialog box and select THIRTY YEARS WAR in the last question. 2.      Place the answer (lasted 30 years) in the Subentry field. 3.      Replace your Index with the new updated one to include the answer to question 10. 4.      Save the document as Lesson 4indices.doc

 Lesson 5 - Table of Contents

Good job, you have been doing well so far, here is your last exercise for this chapter. You have come a long way. Open the folder called Review. Open the document titled Lesson 5.doc
1.      Change all three (3) headings in the document to Heading 1 style.
2.      Insert a section break so that the second heading in the document will appear on the next page.
3.      Create a table of contents.
4.      Make sure that your table of contents has Page numbers.
5.      All the numbers have to be Left aligned.
6.      The Format of your Table of Contents will be Classic.
7.      Select a dashed line (------) as your Tab Leader.
8.     Make sure your Table of Contents starts on a new page at the very end of the document.
8.      Save your document as Lesson 5tablesofcontents.doc  

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