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Lesson 7: In this lesson you will learn about page numbers, how to format and insert page numbers. You will learn how to move within a document using the 'Go To' Command.  Let's get started!

Lesson 7: Page Numbers
Objective # 1 Inserting Page Numbers
To keep your pages in order it is always a good idea to number your pages. If you have not already inserted a Headers and Footers that contain page numbers, you may insert page numbers. If you have a cover page as your first page, you have the option of not numbering it. To number your pages:
1. Click on the Insert menu and click on Page Numbers.

2. Once a dialog box appears, choose the Position for your page numbers – either on Top (Header) or the Bottom (Footer) of the screen.

3. Under Alignment, choose whether you want to align your page numbers on the right, left or the center.

4. You may click OK now, or you may further format your page numbers by clicking Format.


Objective # 2 Formatting Page Numbers
Once you have clicked the Format button on the Page Numbers dialog box, the above window will appear. This allows you to further format you’re your page numbers. You may choose whether you want Arabic or Roman numerals to appear as your page numbers. To do so:
1. Click on the Number format pull down menu, select you desired page number format. 1, 2, 3 or -1-, -2-, -3-, etc.

2. You may also select on what page you want your page numbers to first appear, by clicking Start at and selecting a number.

3. You may also select to include chapter number by clicking Include chapter number and selecting the desired formatting.

4. After you are satisfied with your selections, click OK.

Objective # 3 Moving Within a Document
If You want to quickly go to a particular page in your document, or if you want to directly move to where you inserted a Section or a Table of Contents, you don’t have to scroll up or down. There is an easier way. In order to move within a document:
1. Click on Edit, and select Find or simply press Ctrl+F.

2. Once Find and Replace window comes up, click on Go To tab.

3. Indicate which formatted feature you want to go to by choosing under Go to what window.

4. Enter the page number under Enter page number.

5. Click on Next.


Lesson Review

In this lesson you have learned about page numbers and the 'Go To' Command, let's review a little....
    • To insert Page Numbers into a document use the Insert Page Numbers command.   
    • Page Numbers can be placed at the bottom or the top of a page, and can be centered, or left/right aligned.
    • You may choose Roman or Arabic numerals and whether you want to start page numbers on the first page. Headers and Footers can be used in place of page numbers.

    • The Go To Command can be located in the Edit menu by pressing the F5 function key on your keyboard, or you may double click the Page number on you status bar at the bottom of your screen.
    • The Go To Command moves the insertion point to he desired page, once the dialog box is open you may enter you desired page number.

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Programs: Microsoft Word ®: Lesson 7