Microsoft Word Chapter 4







This chapter focuses on advanced techniques and features in Microsoft Word. They are useful for creating and manipulating large documents. This chapter will introduce tables, bullets and numbered lists that can be created within a document to add visual emphasis and communicate information effectively. It will also introduce auto formatting features, as well as headers and footers which can be used to make documents look professional and add visual appeal.



Table of Contents


Project 1: Grocery List

Project 2: My Favorite Music Groups

Project 3: My First Table

Project 4: Honors Thesis Cover

Project 5: My Favorite Animal

Project 6: My First Footer

Project 7: My Crazy Saturday

Project 8: Pass/Fail

Project 9: Building

Project 10: History Outline

Project 11: Nails and Hammers

Project 12: Rent

Project 13: Colors

Project 14: Truck Picture

Project 15: Phone Numbers Table

Group Project 1:  Group Header Footer

Group Project 2:  The Best Month of the Year

Group Project 3:  Tree Story

Group Project 4:  Timeline

Group Project 5:  Group Favorite Movies




Individual Projects


Project 1. Grocery List:


Objectives: To use bullets to create a bulleted list, and use different formatting techniques for the bullets.

Create a grocery shopping bulleted list for the following items: Meat, Milk, Eggs, Bread, Cheese, and Soda.  Use the shadowed square bullets.  Put it Arial font size 12.  Save as Grocery List.

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Project 2. My Favorite Music Groups:


Objectives: To make a numbered list and explore the different formats possible for lists.

Make a numbered list of your top ten favorite musical groups.  Use numbers with parentheses.  Use bookman font.  Create a title for the list.  Save as My Favorite Music Groups.

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Project 3. My First Table:


Objectives: To make a simple table and learn basic techniques for manipulating and formatting tables.

Create a table with 6 rows and 2 columns.  Put the following names: John, Sam, Tom, Mary, and Sue in the first column.  Fill in the next column with their favorite colors.  Merge the entire first row.  Write the title My Friends in this row.  Save as My First Table.

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Project 4. Honors Thesis Cover:


Objectives: To create a professional title page that will enhance the appearance of a document.

Create a title for an honors thesis.  Make a title page for this thesis.  Write your name and class under the title.  Save as Honors Thesis Cover.

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Project 5. My Favorite Animal:


Objectives: To introduce the use of clipart and images which can be utilized in Word documents to enhance the document’s visual appeal and communicate information with images.

Insert a clipart of an animal and write a brief description in a text box.  Save as My Favorite Animal.

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Project 6. My First Footer:


Objectives: To create a footer within a Word document, and introduce the different formats possible.

Create a footer which displays the page number in Page X of Y format. Make sure it is center justified. On a second line insert the date and the created by information. Make sure that this information will be on every page of the document.  Save as My First Footer.

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Project 7. My Crazy Saturday:


Objectives: To create a complex table, and learn how different table structures can be used to communicate different types of information.

Create a Table with 18 rows and 2 columns.  Write the title in the top Row.  Fill it with this schedule for your Saturday.

5:00 am: wake up

6:00 am: be at airport to pick up Sandy

9:00 am : be at restaurant for Breakfast

10:00-3:00pm: Sightseeing in DC

4:00pm: grab quick snack at Starbucks

8:00pm: Be at Barry’s house for dinner

11:00pm: Be home to watch news

12:00am: go to sleep

Save as My Crazy Saturday.

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Project 8. Pass/Fail:


Objectives: To create a bulleted list with a second level of bulleting, demonstrating the utility of bulleting.

Create a bulleted list of four students in your class:  Mary, Joe, Anne and Matt, in that order.  After each name, create a second level of bulleting stating whether they passed or failed.  Save as Pass/Fail.

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Project 9. Building:


Objectives: To embed a picture within a document and adjust the size to fit the needs of the document.

Insert a picture of a building and make the picture 2” by 2.”  Save as Building.

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Project 10. History Outline:


Objectives: To introduce advanced outlining techniques and the various formats and techniques that can be used within Word and explore the use of subheadings.

Create an outline about history that uses the (I, II, III) heading.  Type all the headings in bold 14 font.  Enter 2 subheadings for each heading.  Use this style for the subheadings:  a), b), c).  Change the font to Arial and italicize them.  Save as History Outline.

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Project 11. Nails and Hammers:


Objectives: To use an auto format template to create a complex table with various data and information.

Make a Table with 5 rows and 6 columns for the inventory of the local hardware store for the first quarter in 2003(Jan, Feb and Mar).  Use an auto format template.  Insert a title into the first row.  And then insert the following information: nails, hammers, beams, tapes in the first column.  Write the names of the months and assign a column to totals.  Save as Nails and Hammers.

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Project 12. Rent:


Objectives: To work with bulleted lists and explore the possibilities in format and appearance available in Word.

Create a two level bulleted list with your roommate’s names, as the first level of bulleting, and the amount of rent they pay, as the second level of bulleting.  There names are Sue, Mike and Michelle and they pay $400, $450 and $375, respectively.  Customize your outline so that your Level 1 bullet is an arrow and your Level 2 bullet is a black diamond.  Save as Rent.

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Project 13. Colors:


Objectives: To work with different text colors and sizes within Word and explore the many possibilities and techniques available.

At the top and center of a page type Colors in size 20 bold font, color red.  Then list your seven favorite colors and create a numbered list.  Center this list on the page and change the font color to blue.  Save as Colors.

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Project 14. Truck Picture:


Objectives: To work with images and the use of borders to change the appearance and format of an image.

Insert a picture of a truck and put a box border around the picture.  Save as Truck Picture.

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Project 15. Phone Numbers Table:


Objectives: To work with a large, complex table and practice techniques to enter data and format text within a table.

Make a table with 10 rows and 10 columns. Merge the cells in the first row and type in Phonebook. In the first column, type in the second cell Names In the remaining 8 cells in the first column type in the names of 8 people or places you frequently call. Use Arial 10point font. In the second column, type in the second cell Numbers Use the remaining 8 cell below to type in the corresponding numbers to the names already typed. In the remaining cells, type in other relevant information, such as one column being Hours of Business or Home/Business or Best time to reach or Address and again, type in the corresponding information.  Save as Phone Numbers Table.


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Group Projects


Project 16. Group Header/Footer:


Objectives: To make a professional looking header and footer which can be used to open a document and communicate relevant information about the document.

Make a document in which there is a Header with the information requested in Title Page Header section on the first page only. Then format all the rest of the pages with the information requested in the Title Page Footer section. Make sure that all pages are numbered and none but the first page has a header.

Title Page Header: Create a header with the following items in it: Your name, the name of the document, the name of the class, and the date. Justify your name, the class name and the date to the left using 10 point Arial font. Make the title of the document at the top and center justify it. Use 18 point Arial font, in bold and underlined.

Title Page Footer: Create a footer which displays the page number in Page X of Y format. Make sure it is center justified. On a second line insert the date and the created by information. Make sure that this information will be on every page of the document.  Save as Group Header/Footer.

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Project 17. The Best Month of the Year:


Objectives: To create a calendar using a design template.

Make a calendar for 1 month of the year.  Make sure to use a design template and leave space for notes in each day and an extra space for notes either at the beginning or end of the month.  Include all holidays at the bottom of each day.  Save as The Best Month of the Year.

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Project 18. Tree Story:


Objectives: To learn advanced image insertion and formatting techniques to add visual appeal to documents.

Write a brief paragraph about a tree using 18 point font and then insert a picture of a tree using the “tight” wrapping style layout.  Save as Tree Story. 

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Project 19. Time Line:


Objectives: To utilize advanced outlining, editing, and formatting techniques to create a visually appealing and communicative document.

Click on this link for the history of Rwanda.

Copy and paste the timeline from 1300-2002.  Remove all pictures and captions. Change the fonts to size 12 Georgia.  Add bullets to this list.  Remove the bullets from the headings Independence, Attempted Genocide and Intervention in DR Congo.  Using the Heading 1 option centered, give your timeline the title History of Rwanda.  Insert page numbers, centered with numbering starting on the first page.  Save as Timeline.

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Project 20. Group Favorite Movies:


Objectives: To utilize numbered lists and create a large multi-page document.

Each group member must make a bulleted list of their top 10 favorite movies.  Place each on a different page and insert page numbers on all pages except the first, title page.  Make a title page entitled Our Top Ten Movies.  Save as Group Favorite Movies.


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