Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Students will learn about Wizards and Templates when creating a Word document.
Main objectives of this lesson: 
  • Wizard & Template
  • How to begin
  • How to use
Lesson 5: Title: Wizards and Templates
Objective # 1 Wizard and Template


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What is Wizard?
A Wizard is an interactive tool that helps the user create a customized document.  It does this by asking series of questions and from the users answers is what the template is created upon.
What is a Template?
A template is a partially completed document that contains formatting, text, and/or graphics.
What is the main purpose of using a Wizard or Template?
The main purpose is to help the user create professionally designed documents in the easiest, fastest way. They are initial documents, it's up to the user to complete the document by entering the appropriate information.
Image on the left is an example of template.
Objective # 2 How to begin a Wizard or Template:

1. Get into Microsoft Word (if not already)
2. Once in Word, click on File Button on the Menu Bar
3. Then click on New from the pull-down menu
4. New Dialog Box pops up.
5. Choose desired Template or Wizard

(note: Short-cute press Ctrl+N)

Objective # 3 Which one to use?
There are nine general tabs to choose from:
-direct mail manager
-legal pleadings
-letters and faxes
-web pages
-other documents
Depending on the user situation they would decide which one to choose. For example, if the user had a job interview. They would need a professional looking resume.  They would click on the "Other Documents" tab for the professional resume template.
Objective # 4 Example 1: Making a Professional Resume from Using a Template


Steps to create Professional Resume:
1. From New Dialog Box, select "Other Documents" tab
2. Double Click on Professional resume template between the three options of resume templates
3. Once template in on Window screen, follow the examples and change all the information to your information
4. Remember all content is up to you
5. When you are satisfied with the changes, you are now done.
Objective # 5 Example 2: Creating Professional Memo from Wizard

Steps to create Professional Memo:
1. From New Dialog Box, select "Memos" tab
2. Then double click on the icon Memo Wizard
3. When Wizard pops up, click Next to begin
4. You will have about 7 slides of questions, answer all the appropriate questions and click next for each slide.
5. When done, complete all the appropriate information that still needs to be changed on you newly made memo template.
6. Once you are satisfied, you are done.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following: Wizards and Templates

You learned what and how to:

  • use a template for created professional documents such a a resume
  • use a wizard to create customized templates for office use

What to do next: If you are ready go ahead and take Lesson 5 Quiz, if not study this lesson again until you are ready.

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Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 5