Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Student will learn about other aspects of creating Web Pages.  They will also learn about Footnotes/Endnotes and how to use them to enhance a Word Document.
Main objectives of this lesson: 
  • Elements of Web Pages
  • Footnotes
  • Intranet
  • Rules of Copyright and Fair Use
Lesson 4: Title: Web Pages and Footnotes
Objective # 1 Elements of a Web Page



To insert a picture other than one from ClipArt Gallery:
1. Click on Insert from the File Menu
2. Click on Picture on the pull-down menu
3. Click on From File on the second menu
4. Select File Dialog Box pops up, choose desired image 
5. Then click "Ok"
Image on the left shows how to insert image from file
Objective # 2 Elements of a Web Page


How to create a Hyperlink:
1. First type in desired name of link
2. Highlight text
3. Either go to Insert Button then Hyperlink on the pull-down menu or click hyperlink on the standard toolbar
4. Once Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box pops up, enter the file name or the web page address.
5. Then Click "Ok"
How to edit a Hyperlink:
1. Roll mouse over the desired link to be edited
2. Right-click mouse 
3. Scroll down to Hyperlink
4. When second menu pops up, click on Edit Hyperlink
5. Edit as desired
Objective # 3 Footnotes and Endnotes
Grauer, Robert T. and Barber, Maryann. Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Vol. I-Revised Printing, New Jersey: Prentice Hall 2001




What is a Footnote?
A footnote is a citation giving more information about a source which appears at the bottom of a page.
What is an Endnote?
An endnote is similar to the footnote except it appears at the end of the document instead of a page.
How to insert a Footnote or Endnote:
1. First make sure you have all required information such as bibliography, titles, names, authors, etc. And know where it is needed
2. Click on Insert button on File Menu Bar
3. Click on Footnote from the pull-down menu
4. Choose desired design, either footnote or endnote
5. Then click "Ok"
Objective # 4 Intranet, Copyrights, and Fair Use

What is an Intranet?
The intranet is a local server where users post their web pages.  Access to these servers are only allowed to those who are on the network.
What is a Copyright?
Copyrights give legal ownership and rights to the creators of art, music, and writing.
What is Public Domain?
When material is in Public Domain it means that the creator has allowed anyone to freely use his/her materials.
What is Fair Use?
Fair Use is when copyrighted materials can be used but only for educational, nonprofit, purposes or for critical review or commentary. (Grauer 124)

If materials are used in any of these ways, materials should be cited.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following: Elements of Web Pages, Footnotes/Endnotes, Intranet, Copyright, Fair Use and Public Domain

You learned what and how to:.

  • insert an image other than from ClipArt Gallery
  • insert appropriate footnotes and endnotes to a word document
  • incorporate the terminology of Intranet, Copyrights, Fair Use, and Public Domain in Word 

What to do next: If you are ready go ahead and take Lesson 4 Quiz, if not study this lesson again until you are ready.

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Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 4