Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Student will learn about the Internet, terminology of Hyperlinks, HTML, and how to incorporate them in a Word document 
Main objectives of this lesson: 
  • Internet
  • Hyperlink
  • Internet and Microsoft Office
  • HTML
Lesson 3: Title: Internet
Objective # 1 Internet

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What is the Internet?
The Internet is a network of networks that connects computers anywhere in the world (Grauer, 123)
What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?
It comprises most of the internet and contains web pages which are HTML documents.
Image on the left is an example of what a search engine on the internet looks like.
Objective # 2 Hyperlink


Click here to experience hyperlink 

What is a Hyperlink?
A hyperlink is a link that connects other web pages on the internet. It also allows the user to "surf" the internet with ease
How to use a Hyperlink?
Simply left-click the link and it will take you to the designated site. Either to a new web page or an extended web page.
Objective # 3 Internet in Microsoft Word

How is the Internet incorporated in Microsoft Office?
Anything on the web can be used in Microsoft Office (with permission). Information can be downloaded and saved as files.  User can also use hyperlinks into any document which can be used to launch the web page. Users can also make web page in any office software. 
Objective # 4 HTML


What s HTML?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Originally it was the only way to create web pages. Now you can create web pages through any of the Microsoft Office softwares.
How to create a Web Page from a Word Document:
1. Create word document as usual
2. Click on File on the File Menu Bar
3. Go to Save As
4. Change Save as Type to Web pages
5. Make sure you have a clean file name without spaces
6. Then click Save. 

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following: Internet, Hyperlinks, and HTML

You learned what and how to:

  • incorporate the internet with Microsoft Office
  • use hyperlinks
  • create a web page from a word document and to understand HTML

What to do next: If you are ready go ahead and take Lesson 3 Quiz, if not study this lesson again until you are ready.

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Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 3