Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Student will learn a continuation of Compound Documents, WordArt, and the Drawing Toolbar
Main objectives of this lesson: 
  • WordArt
  • Drawing Toolbar
Lesson 2: Title: Compound Document- Part II
Objective # 1 WordArt

Click on image for picture of steps


What is WordArt?
It is an application in Microsoft Office that creates attractive text to be put in a document.
Steps to opening WordArt:
1. Click on Insert on the Menu File
2. Click on Picture on the pull-down menu
3. Select WordArt on the second menu
4. When WordArt Gallery pops up, select style, then click "Ok"
5. Text Box pops up, type in desired text
5. Change font as desired, then click "Ok"
Image on the left is an example of WordArt.
Objective # 2 Drawing Toolbar



What is the Drawing Toolbar?
The Drawing Toolbar allows one to draw their own pictures instead of using already made clipart pictures.
Steps to accessing the Drawing Toolbar:
1. Click on View button on the File Menu
2. From the pull-down menu, click on Toolbar
3. Choose Drawing
4. The Drawing Toolbar should then appear at the bottom of the Window screen

Image of the Drawing Toolbar on left

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following: Continuation of Compound Document, WordArt, and Drawing Toolbar

 You learned what and how to:

  • create a enhanced document using WordArt
  • use the drawing toolbar to create a new picture

What to do next: If you are ready go ahead and take Lesson 2 Quiz, if not study this lesson again until you are ready.

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Programs: Microsoft Word - Chapter 3: Lesson 2