Lesson 2 Quiz - Compound Document II

Test your knowledge of WordArt and Drawing Toolbar!

1. An application in Microsoft Office that creates attractive text, is?
a) WordClip
b) Clip Art
c) WordArt
d) None of the above

2. To access the WordArt Gallery Dialog Box, you first click Insert on Menu Bar, then select _________, then select WordArt. (fill in the blank)
a) Picture
b) Date & Time
c) Object
d) New

3. The Drawing Toolbar allows the user to.....
a) Draw their own clip art
b) Make shapes such as ovals, squares, and rectangles
c) Insert another clip art
d) All of the above

4. Where does a user place his text to create WordArt?
a) Edit WordArt text Dialog Box
b) Font Dialog Box
c) Edit ClipArt text Dialog Box
d) Font WordArt text Dialog Box

5. To access the Drawing Toolbar, the user must first click on View on the Menu Bar, then click Toolbars, and choose ___________. (fill in the blank)
a) Picture
b) Drawing
c) Frames
d) Clipboard