Drawing toolbar

A toolbar which contains all tools necessary to create original clip art.


Similar to a footnote, but appears at the end of a document.

Fair use exclusion

Information from the World Wide Web can be used if the work is cited in your footnotes or bibliography.

Fax Wizard

Used to create a fax along with cover sheet to send to others.


Provides additional information about an item, and appears at the bottom of the page where the reference occurs.

Format Picture command

Enables you to further customize a picture.

HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language)

A special language in which all web pages are developed in.

HTML document

A special type of document that is stored on a computer for use in the World Wide Web.  Also known as a web page.


A reference to another webpage, that may be stored on a different computer located anywhere in the world.

Insert Footnote command

Used to insert a note into a document, and automatically assign the next sequential number to that note.

Insert Hyperlink command

Used to embed a hyperlink into a document.

Insert Picture command

Used to embed a picture into a document.

Insert Symbol command

Used to insert a symbol into a document. (Ex., hyphen, arrow)


A network of networks that connects computers anywhere in the world.


Used to describe a grouping of web pages that are placed on a local area network for use within an organization.

Microsoft Clip Gallery

Gallery which contains clip art, sound files, and motion clips that is accessible from any application in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft WordArt

An application within Microsoft Office that creates decorative text to add interest to a document.

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

A technology which enables you to create a compound document.

Picture toolbar

Used to edit and customize a picture.

Public domain

Refers to a document on the World Wide Web that the author is giving everyone the right to freely reproduce and distribute the material.

Resume Wizard

Used to create a customized resume.

Save as Web Page command

Used to convert a document from a default format to an HTML format.

Sizing handle

Enable you to move and size a picture within a document.


A partially completed document that contains formatting, text, and/or graphics.

Web page

A special type of document that is stored on a computer for use in the World Wide Web.  Also known as an HTML document.


Creates a customized document based on your answers to a series of questions.

WordArt toolbar

Used to customize WordArt.

World Wide Web

A very large subset of the Internet.