Programs: Microsoft Word 2000

This chapter focuses on the enhancement features included in Microsoft Word.


By the end of this tutorial, you will:

  • Understand Object Linking and Embedding
  • Use the Clip Art Gallery
  • Learn How to Format a Picture to wrap text
  • Use WordArt to Make Your Document Stand Out
  • Learn How to Download Images into your Documents
  • Create Hyperlinks in Your Word Documents
  • Use the Drawing Toolbar
  • Create Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Use Wizards and Templates included with the Program

Here is a list of lessons and what will be covered in each.




Lesson 1: 

OLE, What is it?- This section will describe object linking and embedding. This feature allows you to have data from multiple sources in your document.

Object Linking and Embedding

Lesson 2: 

How to use Clip Art- This section walks you through step by step on how to use clip art to help grab the attention of your readers.

Clip Art

Lesson 3:

Make it professional- Learn to use the text wrap feature to add that professional touch to your documents.

Picture Formatting

Lesson 4:

Make it stand out- In this section, you can learn how to add emphasis through the use of WordArt.


Lesson 5:

Find it and insert it- This lesson focuses on how to use the World Wide Web in combination with Word.

World Wide Web and Word

Lesson 6:

Make a Connection- Learn how to create hyperlinks in your document to create links to the World Wide Web. Also learn how to save your document as a HTML file.


Lesson 7:

Add your own personal touch- The drawing toolbar can help you add lines, banners and callouts to add a personal touch to your document.

Drawing Toolbar

Lesson 8:

Cite It- Learn how to insert footnotes and endnotes into your document. It is important to cite any information that is copyrighted.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Lesson 9:

Its Magic- Use Word's wizards and template to get ideas and examples all types of documents.

Wizards and Templates

PowerPoint Presentation

You can view the PowerPoint lesson presentation for this chapter by accessing this section.

PowerPoint Presentation

Lab Exercises/ Review

You can use the lab exercises to help enhance your skills learned in this chapter. After you complete these, you will be ready to make professional looking documents of all kinds. This is simply created to help review, so if you get stuck, just refer to the slides or page for that lesson.

Chapter Review and Lab Exercises

100 Hands-On Exam Questions

Here are 100 exam questions.

100 Exam Questions

20 Additional Projects

Here are 20 extra projects.

20 Projects

Additional Review

You can access this section in order to further solidify your knowledge of this chapter. This section includes additional quizzes, hands-on exercises, and a final assessment.

Additional Review

Instructor Resources

View the answer key for the chapter 3 final exam.

Final Exam Key

Answer Key to 100 Exam Questions

Answer key for 100 hands on exam questions.

100 Exam Question Answer Key

Answer Key to 20 Additional Projects

Answer key for 20 additional projects.

20 Additional Project Answer Key

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