Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 5

Lesson 5: The Internet has become a very important part of communication throughout the world. In this lesson, we will focus on how you can incorporate the Internet into your Microsoft Word documents.
By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
  • Understand Object Linking and Embedding
  • Use the Clip Art Gallery
  • Learn How to Format a Picture to wrap text
  • Use WordArt to Make Your Document Stand Out
  • Learn How to Download Images into your Documents
  • Create Hyperlinks in Your Word Documents
  • Use the Drawing Toolbar
  • Create Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Use Wizards and Templates included with the Program
Lesson 5: The World Wide Web and Word
Objective # 1 The Internet

The Internet and the World Wide Web have totally changed how people communicate. It has eliminated distance barriers between people around the world. The Web has created opportunities for people all over the world to exchange information freely.  The World Wide Web is generally referred as “the Web” and allows the entire world to quickly and easily interact with each other. It consists of the computers that store web pages or HTML documents.
Objective # 2 The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is only a small part of the Internet. The web and HTML were created to make a uniform system in which people could communicate. Web pages contain references to hyperlinks to other web pages, which connect you to computers all over the world. You can simply click on link after link to go from one document to the next instantly.

Objective # 3 The Internet and Word

You can download resources from a web page to include in your document. Any picture on the web can be saved and inserted into your Word document through simple step by step process.

Objective # 4 Steps to Inserting a Picture from the Internet

To insert a picture from the Internet into your Word Document, go to the Internet and find the picture you want to include off of a Web page. Then point to the picture that you chose and right click it to display a short cut menu, then click the “SAVE PICTURE AS” command. Next you must give your picture a name. Click save. Go back to your word document. Pull down the VIEW menu and choose PRINT LAYOUT. The next step is to pull down the INSERT menu and click PICTURE then choose FROM FILE. Use the drop-down arrow to choose the folder where you saved your picture. Choose what you named your picture then click INSERT.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered...
  • What is the Internet
  • How we can use the Internet to make our documents better

Review Quiz

Select the best answer from the questions below.
  1. The Internet is...
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    Only available through a phone line.

    Was invented in 1990 by Bill Gates.

    Described as a network of networks

  2. The Internet connects computers...
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    At University of Maryland.

    All over the world.

    In the United States only.

  3. “WWW” stands for..
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    The World Wide Web.

    Who, What, Where.

    Worst Websites of the World.

  4. You can insert a picture from the web into your document.
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Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 5