Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Learn about using the Grammar Check Tool in Microsoft Word.
  • Grammar Checking Tool
Lesson 8: Grammar Check Tool
Objective # 1 Verb Errors

You can access the Grammar check by clicking on the button in the standard toolbar or by selecting Spelling and Grammar under the Tools Menu.
The window to the left illustrates what the Grammar check window looks like.  This sentence was picked up by the Grammar check because the verb in the sentence is incorrect.
Notice how the Grammar Check offers suggestions.
Highlighting the suggestion and then clicking the "Change" button will make the appropriate change to the sentence.
Objective # 2 Punctuation Errors
The Grammar Checking Tool also recognizes punctuation errors.
Objective # 3 Limitations
The Grammar Check cannot be relied upon to find all of the errors in a document.
Some of the errors, such as the one shown to the left, are picked up by Word but are not actually errors.
The user must double check that the sentence or phrase is correct after any changes are made.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the Grammar Checking Tool in Word.

We have:

  • learned how to access and recognize the Grammar Check window
  • realized that different Grammatical errors can be caught by Word
  • recognized the limitations of the Grammar Checking Tool

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Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 8