Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Learn about how to effectively use the Thesaurus Tool in Word
  • Thesaurus Tool
Lesson 7: Thesaurus Tool
Objective # 1 Thesaurus Window

You can access the Thesaurus by using the keyboard shortcut, Shift-F7, while the insertion point is directly after the word you would like to look up.
You can also access the Thesaurus through the Tools Menu under the Language tab.
The screen to the left shows what the Thesaurus window looks like.  The word "present" has been looked up.
Notice the various meanings in the left part of the window.  The synonyms for the current meaning selected are displayed on the right.
You can look up any word you find in the "meanings" area of the window by selecting the word and clicking the "Look Up" button
Objective # 2 Looking Up New Words
After looking up the word "current" the window now looks like the one to the left.
New synonyms appear for the current meaning that is selected.
You can always go back to the previous word that was looked up by clicking the "Previous" button.
Objective # 3 Antonyms
You can also find antonyms for the selected meanings.
While the word "present" was selected, the word "dated" was selected to the right.  Dated is an antonym of present.  After double-clicking the word "dated" the window to the left appears.
Notice how the antonyms appear in the meanings box.  You can select any word by selecting the word in the synonyms box and clicking the "Replace" button.

Lesson Review

In this lesson we covered the following the Thesaurus Tool.  You learned how to do this so that you can find synonyms and antonyms to words in your document.

We have:

  • learned how to accessing and recognizing the Thesaurus window
  • looked up new words
  • learned about antonyms

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Programs: Microsoft Word: Lesson 7